Top 5 Advantages of Choosing a Custom Bathtub

Since they are customized and personalized to your own liking, custom bathtubs offer an incredible experience. These bathtubs have not been popular to most people but are now becoming the preferred choice among many homeowners especially those that prioritize elegance. They come in a wide range of designs, shapes and sizes for you to choose one that best suits your needs. They choice of a custom bathtub mainly depends on your budget, the space of your bathroom and your tastes and preferences. This article looks at the advantages of selecting custom bathtubs over ready-made bathtubs.

  1. Perfect Look and Feel

Custom bathtubs come in different sizes, shapes, colors and designs, meaning that you cannot lack something that fits your needs. They add to that look and feel in your bathroom, especially when they are made of materials that look stunning and do not rust. For that elegance look, they are made of stainless steel, brass and copper, and can sometimes be made of wrought iron that is coated with gold. When illuminated by bathroom lighting, they reflect light, giving your bathroom a feeling of elegance and touch. There are also those that come with extra features that other bathtubs do not have. Some of these features include a section to place your legs instead of hanging them, a place to hold soap and so on. You can only achieve these features with a custom tub.

  1. They Add Value to Your Home

Having a custom bathtub will give that perfect look and feel to the eye. When you decide to sell your home in future, a potential buyer will choose yours as their dream home. There are many available properties available for sale in the highly competitive real estate industry. A custom bathtub will make your home stand out from the rest since a good bathroom is an important factor when it comes to choosing what home to buy. Therefore, it will make the potential buyer offer the amount of money you are asking as your selling price

  1. More durable

Most custom bathtubs now come in different materials that are made to resist water from seeping into the tub. Materials such as acrylic, vinyl, and fiberglass are scratch and dent-free, making them more durable. This means that a tub made of such materials will offer you a quality and elegant service that lasts long. Materials such as brass, stainless steel and copper coating will make the bathtub even more durable since they barely rust.

  1. Versatile Designs, Sizes and Shapes

The endless designs, sizes, colors and shapes of custom bathtubs make them more appealing. They are made of different materials that best suit your needs. For example, if you have a floor that is not so strong and you want the bathtub in the upstairs bathroom, a vinyl bathtub would be best since the material is light and water resistant.

If you have a small bathroom, the custom bathtub is made to fit into the available space, making your bathroom appear large. If you have a large bathroom, a bigger bathtub can be made to cover most of the available space, making it to appear small. Bathtubs are now being made of materials that retain heat, giving you that perfect touch.

  1. Cost effective

Materials used to make bathtubs such acrylic, vinyl and fiberglass are less expensive. They are light and easy to install. Furthermore, the floor does not have to be demolished and redesigned to accommodate the custom bathtub. This means that the work the contractor does is not much and this will translate into reduced costs.

Moreover, since the materials are more durable, the chances of repairs and maintenance are minimal. This makes a custom tub pocket friendly, unlike a built in bathtub that requires regular repair when it is dented or scratched. The feature that makes some materials retain heat saves you money with the utility bills since you do not have to keep on pouring in hot water when you decide to stay in the bathtub for a long period.

The extent to which you can go to making your bathroom elegant and classy is limitless. The recent technological developments have seen more features being added to bathtubs to give your bathroom that perfect feel and touch, leaving you wanting to spend even more time in the bathroom. The availability of different designs and shapes leaves you with choices to make, depending on your needs in the bathroom.