How to Choose the Best Shower for a Bathroom

A good quality shower is one of the most significant purchases you can ever make if you are looking for a luxurious showering experience. Although there are numerous types of showers available in the market, it is important to find a shower that not only fits your bath space and plumbing but also suits your style and preferences. While it is good to have options, you can be overwhelmed with the wide variety of designs and configurations, especially if you do not know what you are looking for. This article gives a guide on how to choose the best shower for a bathroom.

What Type of Shower do I Need?

  • Electric

Electric showers do not affect overall energy efficiency because they heat water on demand by drawing it from a cold-water supply. The cold water passes over a heating element located inside the shower unit so there is no wastage or needed storage for hot water. However, they require a high-capacity electrical supply on a dedicated circuit to be run directly from the fuse box.

  • Mixer
vinyl shower walls in a new bathroom

As the name suggests, mixer showers mix both cold and hot water in the unit as it leaves the showerhead. It draws from hot and cold-water supplies and may require a pump to compensate for low water pressure. Unlike electric shower, mixer showers often rely on the readily available hot water and are suited to homes with a large hot-water cylinder or a combo-boiler.

  • Eco

Eco showers are available in electric and mixer variations. They limit water flow to an efficient and usable level regardless of your household pressure system, but still maintains the selected temperature. It can minimize water usage up to 50 percent compared to conventional mixer showers

  • Thermostatic Showers

Thermostatic electric and mixer showers maintain a constant water temperature once you have set your ideal heating level. This helps to prevent the risk of freezing or scalding when someone flushes the toilet or turns on a tap elsewhere. Thermostatic showers are ideal for elderly homes or families with young children.

  • Digital showers

Digital showers provide state-of-the-art bathroom technology and are available in both mixer and electric variations. It is controlled by a panel, which communicates with the power unit to adjust the flow and water temperature. There is no unsightly visible plumbing since water is delivered through the wall or ceiling to the showerhead at a preferred temperature.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Shower

  • Plumbing System

Water pressure plays a significant role in your shower experience. A high-pressure system has a hot-water tank located in the airing cupboard but does not have a cold-water tank. It can also have a combi boiler that performs in the absence of both cold and hot water tanks. This plumbing system generates enough pressure that allows for a revitalizing and long shower.

A gravity-fed low-pressure system is made up of a hot water tank in the airing cupboard and a cold-water tank in the loft. It is common in older homes and can support additional pumps to boost the pressure. Temperature variations may occur if the pressure between hot and cold water is unbalanced.

  • Bath Space

The right type of shower depends on the amount of floor space available. Corner showers work great in small bathrooms and can help you make the most of every inch of space in your bathroom. If you have enough space, you can consider a bathtub shower combo to enjoy the best of both worlds. Walk-in showers work great in elderly bathrooms as they save space and provides safety features for extra support and stability.

  • Budget

Your budget determines the type of shower accessories that blends well with the style of your home. Besides the initial purchase of a shower, it is important to consider other installation costs such as labor and material used in your shower. Adding plumbing systems and replacing fixtures could add up to your overall costs. It is important to have a well-planned budget that outlines the amount of money you intend to spend on your investment. It is also important to set aside some budget for any unforeseen expenses should they occur to avoid any delays or surprises.

Choosing the right shower for your home determines your bath experience. Whether you are constructing a new bathroom or remodeling your old one, you need to have a clear idea of what you intend to achieve once the installation is complete. A great shower experience comes down to individual preferences, ideas, and the thing that works best for your d├ęcor.