What is Luxury Vinyl Tile?

Luxury vinyl tile has grown in popularity over the recent years as one of the best types of flooring used worldwide. It is a durable flooring that has the look of stone or hardwood and is resilient to daily wear or tear. Luxury vinyl tile is ideal for any room in a home because it is designed to be waterproof and has a scratch resistant surface that offers easy maintenance. Luxury vinyl tiles are available in different types, shapes, and sizes and are made of multiple thin layers to enhance the flexibility of the flooring. This article clears some misconceptions about luxury vinyl tiles by giving detailed information about this type of flooring.

How is Luxury Vinyl Tile Made?

Luxury vinyl tile is made up of multiple layers that are compressed together to come up with a durable and high-quality waterproof floor covering. The top layer is comprised of a transparent protective coating built with a stain guarding and scratch resistance technology. It is usually designed to mimic the appearance of stone or wood thus acting as an extension of your home décor and current lifestyle.

The remaining layers of luxury vinyl tile consist of moisture resistant backing layers, impact resistant core layers, and stabilizing sheets of fiberglass. All these components work together in harmony to prevent the tiles from disfiguration or warping. An interlocking click fitting system is then added to provide an easy and simple way to install this type of flooring.

Types of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

The three main types of vinyl flooring include sheet, tile, and plank. Luxury vinyl planks are mostly used when you want to mimic the appearance or look of cut hardwood. Luxury vinyl tiles are used to create an intricate pattern or replicate the look of stone. A luxury vinyl sheet is used mostly in the kitchen and bathroom floors or areas that subject to constant moisture. This type of luxury vinyl flooring can mimic the look of tile, stone, or hardwood.

Which Rooms can use Luxury Vinyl Tiles?

Luxury vinyl tiles can be used in any room. They are designed to be highly durable and resistant to scratches making them perfect for busy areas such as living spaces and entrance halls. Their sound reducing properties can be put into good use when installed in studies, nurseries, and bedrooms. Wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens will benefit from the water-resistant capabilities of the luxury vinyl tiles.

All the amazing properties of luxury vinyl tiles make them a practical, resilient and incredibly versatile flooring option for modern houses. They can also be used for home improvement or renovation projects, as their aesthetic beauty adds warmth, charm, and character to space.

Installing Luxury vinyl Tiles

Luxury vinyl tile is a type of flooring that is relatively easy to install. They can either be floated by clicking and locking every part into place or glued directly to a prepared subfloor. Dry back LVT is the name given to the glue down version of the luxury vinyl tile. The interlocking click system of the click version of luxury vinyl tiles creates a gap-free and a beautiful seamless floor when correctly installed.

The beauty of this type of flooring is that you can easily create unique designs and patterns during installation. The fact that they come in different types and style makes it highly versatile.

Why are Luxury Vinyl Tiles so Popular?

High Durability

Luxury vinyl tiles are considered more durable than stone or wood flooring. They are built with stain guarding technology and scratch resistant layer that can withstand daily wear and tear. Unlike stone or natural wood, a surface made of luxury vinyl tiles does not scratch, dent or become porous easily.

Innovative Design

The fact that luxury vinyl tiles are designed with extremely detailed and realistic effects of tile, wood or stone makes a space to be more appealing. The rich, bold and natural colors accompanied with more innovative designs add to the convincing stone textures and wood grains.

Waterproof and high Versatility

Luxury vinyl tiles are tolerant to high levels of humidity and challenging environments. This makes them ideal for rooms with constant moisture and excessive water such as bathrooms and kitchens. The fact that it is suitable for any room makes it highly versatile as it transforms space with its aesthetic beauty.

Luxury vinyl tiles come with so many benefits that should not be overlooked when it comes to home designs or renovation projects. They are resistant to moisture and constant scratches, making them easy to clean and maintain all year round.