What is a Shower Wall Surround?

A shower wall surround can transform the look of your bathroom without the need for a full remodel. It acts as an enclosure that protects your walls from cracks, chips, and dents caused by excess moisture. A wall surround allows your shower to stand up to the daily traffic and offers low maintenance all year round. It is made up of non-porous materials that add a protective layer on your walls to prevent a buildup of dirt and grime and resist mold growth. This article looks into the types of shower wall surrounds and their potential benefits in your bathroom.

Types of Shower Wall Surrounds

  • Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles

Ceramic tiles are available in a wide variety of styles and designs and offer a watertight surface that can endure the daily use of a shower. Ceramic is quite affordable compared to porcelain, which is denser, more durable and highly water-resistant. However, both materials have a high life expectancy and can last for several decades. Grout is applied between the tiles to create a watertight surface. Nevertheless, grout attracts mold and might require regular cleaning or replacement as it may be discolored over time.

  • Acrylic

Fiberglass panels and prefabricated acrylic are modern approaches towards creating a waterproofed shower wall surround. Acrylic shower wall surrounds transform your bathroom by introducing a stylish aesthetic appearance. They are attached to the wall in a single sheet using a heavy-duty construction adhesive. Installing an acrylic shower wall surround is a two-person job and might require an assistant if you are working alone. It is also important to purchase multi-part kits and watertight seals for bathroom corners to prevent your walls from water damage.

  • Stone Tiles

Stone tiles give your bathroom a feeling of nature’s diversity as they blend well with both modern and traditional setups. They are available in a wide variety ranging from slate, granite, onyx, travertine, and marble. Although stone tiles may lack the uniformity of glazed tiles, they bring a real sense of luxury to your shower walls, as they are a part of the attraction. They not only contribute texture but also offer natural marbling and some type of variation in both tone and color.

  • Glass Shower Enclosures

Glass tiles have risen in popularity over the past decades with a wide array of designs, shapes, colors and several choices. They look stylish and amazing as they reflect light giving a feeling of greater expanse. The unique feature of glass shower enclosures makes them ideal for smaller bathrooms as they have a fascinating translucency that lends both depth and color to the room. Keep in mind that installation of glass tiles can be somewhat tricky as it is more brittle than ceramic or porcelain. It is recommended to have them installed by a professional rather than undertaking a DIY project.

Benefits of a Shower Wall Surround

Although the white color is a common choice among many homeowners, it does not necessarily mean that you are limited to a black generic white wall covering in your bathroom. Shower wall surrounds come in a variety of colors, textures, and patterns to suit your taste and individual preferences. The cost of a wall surround depends entirely on the material, color, and texture options you choose. Besides, they are easy to install and tend to cost less than tile work.

Grout is used to fill the cracks between the tiles creating a final waterproof barrier. Since grout is porous and might become stained over time, it is important to consider high-quality grout for maximum performance. While it may be simple to install, shower wall surrounds provide optimal waterproofing because they have few seams compared to floor tiles. Optimal waterproofing provides resistance to mold growth and reduces any chances of rot beneath the covering that could compromise the flooring.

The sleek appearance of shower wall surrounds can brighten and expand the space in your bathroom. It is also versatile since you can make your room look taller by installing a wall surround that extends up to the ceiling. The sleek and smooth appearance of a wall surround can make a strong visual statement regardless of the size of your bathroom.

Shower wall surrounds can turn an old bathroom from dreary to dazzling as they can be installed in a variety of colors and designs that suit your style and individual preferences. It is important to weigh your options when choosing the type of wall surround to install in your shower as they come with their benefits and downsides. Lastly, you should consider having your shower wall surround installed by professionals to guarantee longevity and cut unnecessary costs associated with repairs.