What Does a Full Bathroom Entail?

In real estate terms, a bathroom is categorized in four different ways to help people know what to expect when building a home or purchasing an existing construction. It can be either a quarter bathroom, half bathroom, three-quarter bathroom, or a full bathroom. All these categories are determined by the appearance or presence of different bathroom features such as the toilet, sink, shower, and bathtub.

Full bathrooms deliver superior experience due to the convenience of having a bathroom area with all the aforementioned features in one place. Not only do they determine the amount of space in the bathroom but they also add great value to your home. This article looks into features that make up a full bathroom.

  • A Bathtub

There is certainly no lack of choice when it comes to the type of bathtub you can have in a full bathroom. A tub-shower, drop-in bath, corner bath or a freestanding, therapeutic bath are all great choices based on the needs and preferences of a user. Bathtubs made of acrylic material look attractive in a full bathroom and are more functional since water tends to cool slowly. However, the choice of bathtub material will depend on your style and preferences since there is a wide variety of designs out there to choose from.

  • A Shower

A shower can be part of the bath or can be separate from it. For some architects, the standard is to have the shower inside the bath while others design a full bathroom to have a separate shower. Both standards have their benefits and downsides based on the needs of a user. A shower included in the bath can save space but can minimize functionality since only one person can use it at a time. A separate shower, on the other hand, will take up extra space but offers more flexibility since one person can use the shower while the other one uses the bathtub.

  • Sink and Faucets

The standard requirement is to have at least one basin or sink in a full bathroom. However, modern bathrooms tend to have two basins or double sinks. This means that two people can get ready at the same time when using separate sinks rather than waiting for their turn on a single basin. The standard for faucets in a full bathroom is to have a sink with a mixer. With mixers, you just need to open the faucets to regulate the water temperature, which saves utility costs and energy bills.

  • Toilet

In some countries, older houses used to have a toilet in a separate room from the bath, shower or basin. This idea was mainly because the house only had a single bathroom and one person could use the toilet while the other individual was shaving or bathing. Modern full baths now include everything in one room. However, the toilet can still be separated from the bathroom depending on the availability of space or the style and preferences of an individual.

Other Features of a Full Bathroom

  • Decorations

A full bathroom should display size with a continuous floor plan, double sinks, and a more neutral color palette. White, black and neutrals are the typical colors that favor a harmonious style based on a natural palette. The only option for colors in a full bathroom comes from green plants that are positioned strategically to complete the look.

  • Modern Bathroom Materials

The current trend is to have natural materials in a modern bathroom. It is not unusual to see marble, wood, or stone countertops in a modern bathroom. They are coated with effective sealants that protect more fragile materials against humidity and moisture. However, most modern bathrooms use most of these materials in their natural state rather than having them stained or painted.

  • Unique Bathroom Items and Accessories

A rectangular, freestanding tub blends perfectly with stylish décor in a full bathroom. Although it takes more space, it can add a luxurious and spa-like quality to your bathroom. Stone or natural wood soap dishes, toothbrush holders, and towel hangers can make a harmonious addition to a modern bathroom.

The bathroom count and size are very important when building or purchasing a new home. Family quarrels often occur when the bathroom accommodations do not fit the needs of the users. The only way to increase the value of the bathroom is to add another utility that accommodates all features of a full bath. Not only will a full bathroom meet your family needs but it also increases your resale value when planning to sell your home in the future.