What Causes a Shower Pan To Leak and How Can You Fix It?

A shower pan refers to the huge part extending over the floor of your bathroom. It is made of ceramic, tiles or other fitting material and it helps to harness the water from your bathroom and direct it to the drain. There are many causes of a shower pan leak ranging from wear and tear, deflection and adverse movement among others. Luckily, many solutions to this problem exist including DIY ones and others that necessitate the involvement of an expert. All these leakages need to be fixed on time or else they will culminate into calamitous consequences such as the damage or ruin of the foundation of your house. This article discusses the causes of a shower pan leakage and the varying ways to fix the same.

Causes of a Shower Pan Leak

  • Motion

The shower pan should not be mobile if it is fixed appropriately. This is because the caulking under it should provide ample support thus shielding it properly when it is being used. This is because the sealant used should guarantee proper support devoid of any movement. It is therefore prudent to use very good materials that render it sturdy instead of light materials such as plastic that break easily hence ultimately allowing water into the foundation. It is vital to note that earthquakes and absent grout leave some openings where water usually penetrates and goes into the foundation.

  • Deterioration

A shower is expected to last for a very long period especially where the installation is perfect, flawless and when it is used accordingly. This is often attributed to the fact that it does not entail any moving parts. However, just like any other material, it is prone and susceptible to a lot of wear and tear especially after coming into contact with water. This is most apparent in the rim where the sealant used can gradually get detached thus resulting in the seepage of the water straight into your foundation. Cracks, breakage, and other splinters can often emanate from the weight exerted by people who access your bathroom.

  • Substandard Drainage

Bad drainage often results in seepage in the gap between the shower pan and the drain to the nearby floor. This problem in the close areas is often due to below-par construction or too much debris in some instances.

  • Displacement or Diversion

This simply entails the deflection after the subjection to a load. This can be explained as the alteration of the given original gradient with which the water is expected to drain. The shower pan should, therefore, be static, devoid of any deflection or subsequent movement primarily resulting from the exertion of some weight on the pan. It is crucial to have it checked when this deflection happens to avoid any damage to the floor by this leaking water.

How to Fix a Leaking Shower Pan

The following are the several ways that can be used to fix a shower pan premised on what the cause of the leak might be:

  • Epoxy

This is good for very small leaks and if the shower pan replacement is not under consideration. It is therefore a good temporary fix before being ready to undertake the entire replacement.

  • Application of the Masonry Sealer

This is a cheap way of mitigating damage emanating from the leaking shower pan but it is just a quick temporary fix before ultimately replacing the shower pan.

  • Use of Pre-Constructed Pans

These pans can be readily found in your local improvement store and they are usually made of fiberglass or other materials such as composite. However, they do not have many shape options and they have very basic angles. They are not fitting or ideal for you in case you have a very unique shower.

  • Repairing the Grout

This is applicable where the leak is minute and ripping up the walls and floors is not an option. This can be done with the use of a sealer or through the permanent replacement of the grout.

  • Hiring a Professional Plumber

This is crucial where a permanent solution is required. The aforementioned ways are only temporary, making a permanent fix paramount. Your shower pan might be inaccessible or you might lack the requisite tools hence necessitating the services of a professional plumber.

The foregoing are the various causes of shower pan leakages and how to remedy them effectively hence you should stand guided in case you are encountering this issue. If the problem persists, do not hesitate to call a professional.