Top 5 Ways to Decorate a Bathroom to Make it Look Stunning

There are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating a bathroom since there are many styles and colors to choose from. Making the right choices for your space can give you a feeling of satisfaction that will last for a lifetime. A small space does not mean that it should look cramped or cluttered even if you are only left with a shower room to experiment with. Regardless of size and layout, you can make your bathroom look amazing without spending all your savings. It only requires you to have an idea in mind that can be implemented to suit your style and preferences. This article looks at top five ways to decorate a bathroom to make it look stunning.

  1. Go Big with Your Mirror

A large mirror can be quite costly depending on your measurements but can offer an equally dramatic look to your bathroom. Not only does it magnify the size of your space, but also doubles your investment making it an ideal feature when planning to sell your home in the future. You can choose to either purchase a large mirror with a beautiful frame or use a custom-size piece from wall to wall. Custom mirrors look great in slim powder rooms as they have small walls that can be covered easily with glass. It is important to be creative when using big mirrors since too much glass on your bathroom walls could affect your ability to use color and other decorative pieces on walls.

  1. Use Neutral Colors and Large-Scale Patterns

Adding a fresh coat of paint on your bathroom can transform the look of the space. Many real estate professionals recommend using neutral hues like white, grey or black with white being the most flattering color. Although any color can work for the bathroom, white has proven to outlast other hues because they reflect any available light making your bathroom brighter. Large-scale patterns such as wide stripes have the same effect as they trick the eye into seeing expanded space.

However, using lots of white color on your bathroom walls does not mean that your space has to lack character. You can always combine it with different textural elements such as fabric accents, pale stones, and the occasional touch of wood or metallic. It retains a seamless look while displaying lots of richness for the eye to take in.

  1. Good Lighting

Most homeowners overlook overhead lighting probably because it is usually there when moving into a new home. You can always get some good lighting upgrades that do not cost much. Swapping your builder-grade fixture over the tub or vanity for a beautiful chandelier can transform the look of your space with just a little effort. Ample lighting is ideal for bathrooms that do not receive enough natural light from windows or skylights. A contemporary edge-lighted mirror, sconces and a grid of ceiling lights can make your bathroom feel bright and open. In small bathrooms where you cannot add new electrical for lights, consider upgrading to multiple bulbs, as they disperse light to several directions from one fixture.

  1. A Place to Hang Your Items

Great designers have always been successful when it comes to the placement of various items in the bathroom. A bathroom can look filthy and in a mess when it has excess clutter or no place to hang your robes and towels. Instead of tossing your linens on the floor, consider hanging a small hand-towel ring next to the sink where it can be accessed easily. You can also install a hook where you can place your bathrobe and a rod to hang your bath towels. These simple additions can have a drastic impact on the entire appearance of the room.

  1. Add an Open Niche

Adding an open niche creates an empty wall cavity space that can be used as storage. It also adds a great visual depth that makes the walls appear as if they are farther away than they are. An inset cabinet can provide functional storage as it reduces the chances of large objects protruding into the room. Not only does it give you lots of extra elbowroom but it also makes the area around the vanity feel more open. Keep in mind that studs, plumbing, and other hidden conditions can affect the location of adding an open niche. Therefore, it is important to talk to a professional before opening any walls.

The best way to achieve a great visual effect when decorating your bathroom is by incorporating your style and personality. If you are not certain what to do or where to start, you can always contact professional contractors to help you with planning, as they give great tips and advice on how you can make your bathroom look stunning.