Step By Step How to Install Vinyl Tile in A Shower

Installing vinyl tile over your existing flooring is an excellent method to improve the appearance of your bathroom. You have the option of doing it for as much space as you like, not only for bathrooms but also for other rooms in the house, such as the kitchen. When installed in any room of your home, vinyl tiles are a stunning addition.

Vinyl tiles are offered in a convenient size, which is ideal for small spaces. They are supplied with a self-adhesive backing, which makes the process of tiling a section simple and painless. Vinyl tiles are available in a limitless variety of colors, patterns, and designs, all at very reasonable prices. They even have sections devoted to shower design ideas.

It would appear 10 times more lovely if you had vinyl tiles installed in your bathroom instead of the current one! However, you must be meticulous in your measurements and, while laying the tile, you must peel and push the tile gently to avoid smudging the surface.

How to Install Vinyl Tile in a Shower?

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Step 1: Do the Measurements

Carefully measure and note down all the dimensions of the place where you will do Vinyl Tile Flooring. You can use a regular measuring tape for that in case you don’t have the professional one. Calculate how many tiles you possibly will need to cover up the space where you’re installing Vinyl Tiles. Buy some extra tiles as a backup in case you end up messing up or breaking up some.

Step 2: Selection of Tile

Always opt for self-adhesive tiles. They’re convenient and prevent the glue part from falling apart in between the crack lines. Once you’re done with this process, peeling and sticking part isn’t that time-consuming. There are also other installation methods like glue down and floating.

Step 3: Leveling of Installation Space

It’s very important to check out if the space you’re installing Vinyl Tiles in is smooth. If it’s not, you can take the help of sandpaper to make it smooth and straight. Also, look out for cracks or holes; fill them in before installing vinyl tiles if you find any.

Step 4: Clean and Dry the Shower Space

Clean your bathroom’s shower area thoroughly to make sure it’s neat and dry. If there’s dirt or moisture, the adhesive won’t stick. The surface should be completely dry. It should also be smooth and without any grease or debris. Uneven floors don’t work with vinyl tiles. If stuck upon an uneven surface, the tiles can break over time.

You can also install the tiles over a concrete surface only if it’s smooth and dry. It shouldn’t have any cracks or holes. If your floor is too old and it’s too hard to remove, use an embossing leveler. Cover your old floor with a new layering of plywood underlayment. It will make your surface smooth like a new floor.

Step 5: Applying the Tiles

Take your vinyl tile and position it over the space you want to install it in. Then gently peel off its backing and very carefully stick it in the place, remember you only get one go per tile. Firmly apply pressure on the tile for it to stick nicely on the surface. Don’t put it in too tight, or it might break off. You can use a tile roller to prevent bubbles under the surface of your tile.

Step 6: Match Patterns

After you’re done with sticking your first tile, proceed with others. Your tiles should line up with each other, so it forms some pattern. You can’t randomly stick tiles as you please. If you’re a messy person, you can also pre-plan it by drawing and planning the pattern on cardboard and sticking the tiles. You can go according to your template or just freestyle it.

Step 7: Finishing Off with a Tile Roller

Once you’re done sticking all your tiles, go over them again. Check if all tiles are stuck correctly. If you find any uneven or flawed areas, you can use a tile roller to even them out.

Although vinyl tiles are waterproof, water can run through the space between your tiles and damage your walls in the long term. So, whenever you install vinyl tiles, be very careful about the sticking part; never leave out spaces! If you need assistance to install vinyl tiles in your bathroom, why not get in touch with our team today to discuss your requirements and to arrange a quote. We’re happy to help!