Six Bathroom Paint Color Options to Consider

If you’re looking to remodel your bathroom or at least update your bathroom walls, you may be wondering what color would be best. Bathroom paint can demand attention or promote tranquility, so its important to choose the right shade. Consider the following colors and what they can do for your bathroom.

Soft Taupe –
Considered a neutral color, soft taupe is warm and cozy. It pairs well with light hues such as greens, blues, and pinks. Soft hues can make a small space feel serene and luxurious.
Ash Gray –
Add a contemporary look to your restroom with this twist on gray. The cool colors of concrete and granite are incorporated into this look which can be paired with dark wood floors, bright white trim, and black vanities.
Seafoam Green –
If you’re looking for the look and feel of a spa retreat, seafoam green can also provide a coastal aesthetic. Pair this green with white or beige accents for a contemporary style.
Clean White –
White is still a popular bathroom color option. Because it’s neutral, white can be paired with layers of texture such as straw, salvaged wood, or shiny glass tiles.
Sky Blue –
The color of the sky and water can make any space feel much larger. Sky blue is reassuring and can promote tranquility. It goes great with white cabinets and trim.
Charcoal –
If you want a warm color but don’t want to use black, charcoal may be right for your bathroom. The color pairs well with more natural elements such as raw wood vanities.

If you want to update the look of your shower or bathtub wall, an acrylic wall system can do just that. With a variety of colors and patterns available, these functional wall liners can be added to your bathroom in as little as one day. Contact us today for more information!