How do Shower Seats Improve Bathroom Accessibility

For many individuals, taking a shower is a normal daily formality, and is an activity conducted without any issues. However, it is not everyone that usually has its easy while taking a shower. Some people have mobility issues that hinder them from showering at their own convenience without assistance. This is something that stresses them, as it affects their dignity and urge to be independent. It is for these reasons that apparatus like shower seats were invented and are being implemented. Shower seats have greatly transformed the way people with mobility problems go about their washing routine. This article looks at how shower seats improve bathroom accessibility.

Benefits of a Shower Seat

A shower seat offers both safety and practical benefits to the user. Its main goal is to assist individuals with mobility problems to have a good shower experience, as they may have a hard time standing for a long period. Apart from ensuring safety while showering, a shower seat provides practical benefits, in that a person can use it while tired or when shaving legs. In addition to this, an individual suffering from injury can use a shower seat without having to stand, thus minimizing pressure on the injury. Furthermore, a person on a wheelchair can easily use a shower seat to transition from the wheelchair to the seat while taking a shower. All these elements make having a shower seat crucial for anyone that cares about bathroom accessibility.

Factors to Consider Before Adding a Shower Seat in Your Bathroom

Adding a shower seat in a bathroom is very beneficial, as it adds a high level of accessibility to your bathroom. However, for you to achieve the best experience possible, you need to make the right selection. When it comes to getting a shower seat, you need to consider your needs and level of mobility to ensure you get the right seat for yourself.

Paying attention to factors such as the number of people that will be using the shower seat, their specific needs, and whether they suffer from a condition like dementia enables bathroom users to get a seat that suits them.

After the needs have been evaluated, a professional can then go into the bathroom to identify the best way to install the shower seat. This is a crucial step because not all shower seats will be perfect for your bathroom. Style, size, design, and other factors will play a major role during the installation process. For instance, a shower seat is not supposed to be too high or too far from the shower controls. This may cause the user to stretch, increasing the risk of falling. At the same time, the shower seat should not prevent the use of the bathroom by other users in the house.

In addition to this, you need to pay attention to other features that help ensure better use of the shower seat, and thus more accessibility. For example, if the user will require assistance getting on and off the shower seat, it can be fitted with a side transfer in mind or an armrest for increased support.

Types of Shower Seats to Consider

The market has a wide array of shower seats that you can install in your bathroom for enhanced accessibility. This part of the article looks at some incredible shower seat options you should consider.

  • Shower Stool

A shower stool is usually free standing, comes with non-slip feet, and usually has height adjustable legs. Depending on the specific shower seat you purchase, it can have basic back support, side handles, and armrests. A shower stool is usually made of plastic and can have either three or four legs that are made from metal or aluminum.

  • Wall-Mounted Shower Seat

Depending on your preference, your wall-mounted shower seat can be either static or hinged, making it foldable against the wall when not in use. This type of a shower seat only has two legs that rest on the shower tray. However, some only use wall brackets to support the user.

A shower seat is an important bathroom addition for those users that want increased accessibility. It helps ensure the user can shower comfortably without having to stand for a long period. When getting a shower seat, you should ensure that it fits your tastes and preferences, in terms of functionality, style, size, and design. Lucky for you, the market has a wide array of shower seats to choose from. This means that you cannot lack something that fits you best.