Should You Convert Your Bathroom For the Elderly?

Most bathrooms in our homes are not friendly for the elderly since this group of people requires specialized bathrooms like grab bars, raised toilet seats and support poles. It is therefore important that we convert our bathrooms to introduce features that are friendly for the elderly. Such features will even motivate them to do take a shower on their own, without the help of anyone. This article looks at some reasons why you should convert your bathroom for the elderly.

  • Enhanced Motivation

When you have elderly people at your home, you are required to show some increased level of concern and care. You may be required to be around for the better part of the day since these people require more care and concern, just like kids. Helping them shower is one of the many things you are obliged to do for them. A support pole and a raised toilet, for example, will motivate them to take a shower without the help of anyone, hence saving you time to do other stuff. You will also save money that you would otherwise have spent hiring a caregiver to look after them while you are away.

  • It is a Sign of Love

Though they may seem a little distant because they cannot talk much, the elderly are an important part of our families and we should accord them utmost care and concern. Apart from meeting their daily needs, and providing them with the best care, we should also ensure that the bathroom is fully customized to make it friendly and give them an easy time. That way, they will feel even more loved and most importantly, valued.

  • The Elderly May Be Physically Weak

Most elderly people become weak, as they grow old. Their joints and muscles become weary and weak to a point that they cannot stand on their own. Therefore, having a bathroom without enough grab bars and a support pole or a raised toilet would be very challenging for such people to use since they cannot stand without supporting themselves. Without such support features, these people could fall and sustain serious bodily injuries. Since their legs are weak and get tired fast, you could install a padding sheet beneath the floor, as this would reduce chances of hurting their feet and they could stand for quite some time without getting tired fast.

  • Increased Mobility

Most elderly people have some illnesses that require them to be constantly cared and watched for the better part of the day. For example, an old folk with a condition like heart issues needs to be watched at all times. In addition, since elderly people may have weak joints and muscles, they are prone to falling, where serious bodily injuries could occur. They need support poles and as many grab bars as possible to prevent the chances of such dangerous falls.

If for example, you have an enclosed bathroom where you cannot see, something could happen to them without you knowing. However, if you replaced the enclosed bathroom with a walk-in shower, for example, you or the caregiver will keep an eye on them easily and nothing can happen to them without their knowledge.

  • It is the Right Thing to Do

It does not matter how much you do for old folks, or what you give them to display your love. However, if you cannot do the little things that matter most to them, like making the bathroom friendly for their access and use, then all the other things will not matter. Besides, it would be hypocritical that we have facilities customized for the physically challenged at work, but we do not have bathrooms customized for the elderly at our homes. Therefore, we should convert our bathrooms for the elderly because it is not only human, but also the right thing to do.

It makes a lot of sense to convert your bathroom for the elderly because it enhances their dignity and motivation to shower on their own. Furthermore, it increases mobility and makes them feel loved. If you are looking to convert your bathroom, it is good to note that much of the conversion work in the bathroom is not a DIY adventure and so you will need a contractor. Apart from installing designs and features ideal for the elderly, they will also offer you critical advice on the many options available to choose from and the kind of features you could add but still maintain that much-needed style and elegance. Alternatively, you could go online or visit a local supplies store for more variety.