Illuminate Your Bathroom Remodel With Beautiful Lighting

For a lighting system that’s just as eye-catching as it is functional, count on our bath remodeling pros!

Monmouth County Bathroom Lighting

Looking to add value and style to your New Jersey bathroom? While a fully featured tub or beautiful new vanity would be a great place to start, even the most stunning bath remodel would be incomplete without a stylish and sensible plan for illuminating the newly-enhanced space. To highlight your brand-new tub, streamlined shower, or elegant wall surrounds, turn to the Monmouth County lighting installers of Bath Planet of New Jersey! From bright, modern track lighting to soft, recessed lighting along your shower walls, we have an extensive selection of Monmouth County lighting products to suit the unique aesthetic of any bath.

Make the Most of Your Bath Upgrade With New Jersey Bathroom Lighting

In many homes across New Jersey, bathroom lighting is an afterthought—something that’s added just because of the need for light while bathing or grooming. But at Bath Planet of New Jersey, we know that bathroom lighting can be so much more than functional! When designed by experienced professionals and positioned by skilled lighting installers in New Jersey, your bathroom lighting elements can add a dramatic pop of style that takes them far beyond their basic purpose.

Choose Bath Planet of New Jersey to enjoy a well-designed bathroom lighting system that is:


Everyone knows that electricity and water can be a dangerous combination. To avoid costly electrical damage to your home and safety risks to your family, we employ only the most skilled electricians who have the degree of expertise required in order to properly install your New Jersey bathroom lighting.


Work with our professional designers to create a custom lighting scheme that reflects your personal aesthetic. Choose from vanity bulbs, wall sconces, recessed wet-area lighting, floor lamps, and so much more!


No matter how attractive a lighting system is, it still has to perform its essential purpose. With over 30 years of bath remodeling experience, we can help you choose and place various lighting elements, creating the ideal solution for illuminating your daily grooming routines.

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It can be difficult to navigate the hundreds of design choices that go into a successful bathroom remodel, which is why Bath Planet of New Jersey always starts with a free in-home design consultation—to help you see exactly how our Monmouth County lighting and other popular additional contracting services can work within your unique space. To get started with your complimentary appointment, call us or submit our easy online form now!