Pros And Cons Of Putting Glass Doors On In The Bathtub

Minimalism has become a mainstream aesthetic. As it gained prominence, a lot of people embraced the idea without taking it to the same extreme that was once associated with the idea. Today, it’s about sleek, sharp, finishes and keeping space clutter-free. One of the ways to accomplish this look in your bathroom is by installing glass doors on your bathtub or shower cubicle. If you are thinking about glass doors, then you need to know the advantages and potential disadvantages of making that choice.

We break the details down below and highlight the variety of glass doors available for bathtubs.

Glass Doors

Glass doors are a sleek upgrade, they look luxurious and modern, which is a big win if you plan to rent or sell your property in the next few years. Before we can highlight the pros and cons we should give you a rundown on all of your options.

Stunning master bathroom with double vanity cabinet
  • Clear Glass
  • Frosted Glass
  • Tinted Glass
  • Framed Glass
  • Frameless Glass

The Pros of Glass Doors

If you are thinking about glass doors for your bathtub, then you need to consider the advantages they bring. There are different options, though, and with those options come different pros and cons.

Clear Glass Pros

  • A Modern Style

Glass doors offer a modern aesthetic and most homeowners (or potential buyers) would consider them to be an upgrade. Whether you opt for framed or frameless glass doors, you are sure to find something to fit your overall aesthetic.

  • Easy Clean

A squeegee is an ideal tool for an easy cleaning job, the last one to shower can give it a quick clean and that’s that.

  • Timeless

Clear glass doors aren’t going out of style. They’re going to look sleek no matter how much time passes, provided you look after them.

  • Light

Forget dark and gloomy showers, with clear glass doors you are getting all of the light.

Frosted Glass Pros

  • A variety of styles and patterns to choose from.
  • A unique touch.
  • Depending on your selected style, a frosted pattern will provide you with more privacy as you bathe.

Tinted Glass

  • Available in a wide variety of colors so you can match yours to your bathroom’s aesthetic.
  • Truly a unique choice, it’s something guests (and future potential buyers) will remember.

Frameless Glass Pros

  • Easy clean, which is what every homeowner wants for their bathroom.
  • There are a wide variety of style and customization options available.
  • While frameless glass doors are the most expensive option, they also provide the biggest return on investment. They’re a great upgrade option if you plan to sell your home in the next few years. In the meantime, they look incredible.
  • Frameless glass doors can make your bathroom look larger, which is a big win for smaller spaces.
  • With fewer places to hide, a frameless glass door can help prevent mold growth and as highlighted in the first point, they’re easy to clean which will also keep mold at bay.

Framed Glass Pros

  • Framed glass doors are the most affordable choice.
  • They are effective at preventing leaks.

The Cons of Glass Doors

We have highlighted the pros, so it’s only fair to show you the potential disadvantages of installing glass doors for your bathtub. Of course, each style offers its own potential disadvantages.

Clear Glass Cons

  • A lack of privacy, if this is your master suite then you might not be all that concerned.
  • Smudges galore, you will need to get into the habit of wiping them down daily. Keep a squeegee handy to make life easier.
  • More expensive than the alternative, but it’s up to you to weigh how much influence that has over your decision.

Frosted Glass Cons

  • Frosted glass doors are not as easy to clean as other options.
  • They can be an expensive option, depending on the style.

Tinted Glass

  • You will have to change it in a remodel if you want to change your color scheme. How big a con this is will entirely depend on how often you plan to remodel.
  • Buildup and scratches may show prominently depending on the color.

Frameless Glass Cons

  • They are the most expensive option.
  • Depending on the design, you may experience leakages.

Framed Glass Cons

  • They are more difficult to clean.
  • There are fewer options to choose from.

When it comes to glass doors for your bathtub, there is no end to your options.