Top 5 Tips for Ensuring Proper Lighting in the Bathroom

With the advancement in technology, lighting fixtures and systems have also changed and become more sophisticated. The process of choosing the right bathroom lighting is a challenging adventure because of the wide range of options to choose from. To make this adventure easy and simple for you, this article gives five tips that you should pay attention to when choosing the right lighting in your bathroom.

  1. Install Layered Lighting

A three-layered lighting system includes ambient, task, and accent layers. The ambient layer is characterized by flush mounts, chandeliers, and pendants and is perfect for guests and they allow you to wind down in the evening and adjust in the early morning.

Task layer of lighting is best suitable for doing makeup at the vanity mirror or shaving at the bathtub. The third layer is most important; it brings out the real image of you. This is very important because it brings out the feeling of sunlight thus allowing you to see how you look when out in public. It also highlights the actual look and feel of the features and décor, which will reward you handsomely when you have visitors around. The best way to have a combination of the three layers is by installing an automatic lighting system fitted with the three layers and all you have to do is just set your theme according to time of the day.

  1. Do Not Add Lighting Above the Mirror

The overall bathroom ceiling lighting is not enough for the various activities that take place in the bathroom such as shaving and applying makeup. This is because sometimes the bathroom ceiling may be too high to illuminate the vanity mirror. Even if it does provide enough lighting, a shadow of your head will be cast on the mirror or over the bathtub, and this makes it hard for you to have a good experience when shaving. To make this experience feel great, install some lighting on both sides of the mirror, instead of the top side. Even as you do this, ensure that the lighting is directly at the level of your eye to illuminate your face while you do your shaving and makeup.

  1. Pay Attention to Lighting Wattage

As much as we concentrate on what type of lighting to go with our unique taste and style, the wattage of that particular lighting system also does matter. Higher wattage lights help properly light up the room. They are also beneficial when taking that shower in the early evenings. Lower wattage lights will provide a relaxing and calming ambiance to allow your eyes to adjust in the early morning and wind down in the evening. Good wattage should be between 24 and 26 for fluorescent lights or 20 and 25 for LEDs. This is because LEDs have a higher wattage compared to the compact fluorescent, hence the need to keep it low.

  1. Choose Chrome and Brass

Just like the lighting systems, finishes, and fittings do matter when it comes to lighting up the room because they complement the lights. Since brass and chrome are shiny, they do well in reflecting the little wattage during the ambient and accent layers of lighting. Fittings and fixtures such as taps, doorknobs, and faucets can come in chrome and brass coatings. This will not only help in reflecting light into the bathroom, but also helps in making the bathroom look and feel expensive even when it is not.

  1. Check the Size of the Fixture

Even as you shop for your perfect lighting fittings and fixtures, size does matter. If you have a bigger bathroom, long pendants or bigger chandeliers can make the room look and feel palatial. If bigger lighting systems were installed in a smaller bathroom, it would end up feeling even smaller and crowded. Choosing the right size is critical to ensuring proper lighting of the bathroom since it helps set the tone of the room’s design so pay a lot of attention.

When it comes to lighting, nothing beats the look and feel of natural light from the atmosphere. If possible, install a big window to let as much sunlight as possible. This helps bring in the much-needed light to bring out the actual architectural design and the real image of yourself. In the same process, bigger windows will allow maximum aeration, something that will help keep at bay the possibility of mold and mildew growth. With these tips, you can now go out and choose your preferred bathroom lighting with confidence.