Mess-Free One-Day Bathroom Remodeling

If your bathroom is outdated, damaged, or needs some renovations, then Bath Planet of New Jersey is here for your mess-free one-day bathroom remodeling solution. We have a perfect system that takes the stress, mess, and high prices out of a traditional bath remodel project. Do you also want to update the bathroom, but worry about the expenses or time?

With Bath Planet of New Jersey, high-quality bathroom remodeling does not have to be a drawn-out, budget-breaking undertaking. Our experienced and high qualified team can perform a one-day bath remodel that fully transforms the style and function of your space.

Stress-Free Bathroom Renovations for Your Home

Still not convinced that a one-day bath remodel is do-able? What about the demolition and time-consuming installation? We at Bath Planet of New Jersey offer premium baths that are custom-fabricated to fit within your existing space, letting us skip the hassle of a messy demo.

When it is time for installation, our skilled bathroom remodeling contractors will make sure your new tub or shower has a seamless, waterproof seal. You can trust that our bathroom renovations inspect each box for long-lasting quality.

one day bathroom remodeling project after

Quick and Simple One Day Remodel Services

Bath Planet of New Jersey strives to offer our clients convenient services, so we have worked hard throughout all the years to offer the best bathroom remodel methods. We begin the procedure by completing a bathroom design where you can sit down with our experts to discuss your needs, goals, budget. From there, our technicians come to install your custom-fit bath and shower, while providing highly professional service that minimizes mess, cost, stress.

After we complete your one-day remodel, you can begin to soak up all of the benefits of our bathroom renovation products from Luxury Bath, including:

Stylish Designs: Our bathtubs and showers come in lovely designs to improve the appearance of your bathroom.

Long-Lasting Durability: With the good-quality acrylic used in Luxury Bath products, you do not have to worry about tub and shower chipping, fading, cracking.

Low-Maintenance Bathtubs and Showers: Since our baths are made from durable acrylic that resists stains and mildew, you do not have to worry about often scrubbing and cleaning your new tub and shower.

Custom Styles and Add-Ons: We at Bath Planet of New Jersey provide tubs and showers in a range of different styles and color choices, and custom add-ons that contain built-in shelving, safety grab bars, luxury faucets.

Added Warranty Protection: All of our bathroom remodeling products or services are backed with strong labor and manufacturer warranties.

How Much Does a one-Day Bathroom Remodel Cost?

As per real estate agents and industry experts, remodeling a bathroom may improve the value of the house. However, aside from the prices associated with house improvement, another thing that puts people off is the stress brought on by the mess during the renovation, and a time-consuming project that lasts for weeks. Luckily, several professional home remodeling contractors offer one-day bathroom remodeling services designed to spare homeowners from the inconvenience of long, traditional, expensive bathroom renovations. However, one question remains: how much one-day bathroom remodel can cost? Customer-centric companies provide affordable remodeling solutions without ever compromising on quality. This goes for all of the services that Bath Planet of New Jersey provides to our consumers, involving our convenient one-day bathroom remodeling.

The Average Cost of a one-day Bathroom Remodeling Project

As per 2019 data by Home Advisor, a bathroom remodel can cost $10,352 on average. Most homeowners spend $6,000-$15,000 on remodeling projects and spend between $3000-$7,000 to upgrade important elements on small and medium-sized bathrooms. On the other hand, for those with a large bathroom, your expenses can reach over $13,000 and beyond.

Bathroom Remodeling Costs

Determining the prices of a one-day bathroom remodel may be challenging because the rates change from one provider to the next. It’ll depend on the services you are receiving, as well as the materials you use amongst several other factors. Generally, the good way to find out for specific what your remodel will cost is to request a free, in-home quote. To give you an idea of how much one-day bathroom renovations can cost, below is a list of ballpark rates for services that homeowners request:

Bathtub Replacement: $400 to $1,500 (low range); $2,600 to $4,100 (mid-range); $6,000 to $8,000 (high range)

Flooring Replacement: $120 to $900 (low range); $1,100 to $1,700 (mid-range); $2,500 to $4,000 (high range)

Cabinet Replacement: $1,200 to $3,500 (low range); $4,700 to $7,000 (mid-range); $8,000 to $13,000 (high range)

Shower Replacement: $450 to $2,000 (low range); $3,000 to $4,800 (mid-range); $6,000 to $10,000 (high range)

Lighting Fixture Replacement: $120 to $900 (low range); $1,100 to $1,700 (mid-range); $2,500 to $4,000 (high range)

Sink Replacement: $190 to $900 (low range); $1,400 to $2,300 (mid-range); $3,500 to $6,500 (high range)

Toilet Replacement: $130 to $250 (low range); $340 to $480 (mid-range); $550 to $780 (high range)

One Day Bath Remodel Service

Not all one-day bath remodel companies provide the same skill level and expertise. This’s why it’s essential to assess the most suitable one that can cater to your requirements.

We at Bath Planet of New Jersey specialize in providing top-quality, one-day bathroom renovations giving you a stylish and more functional bath space at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional bathroom remodeling projects. We provide services like one-day shower replacement, bathtub installation, and also complete bathroom remodels that are tailored as per your requirements and preferences. The benefits that you will get from our services include:

Microban-infused acrylic materials: By using such materials, you will not have to deal with mold, mildew, stubborn grime, and stains.

Durable fittings and products: All our products and bathroom fittings are guaranteed to last for several years.

Customized styles: We provide a vast range of styles, colors, patterns that complement the overall look and feel of the bathroom.

Warranty: Because we are confident with the quality of our products or services, we provide a warranty for our consumers.

For learning more about how Bath Planet of New Jersey’s team of expert designers and remodelers help you with a fast and easy one-day remodel, contact us today. If you like to start with a bathroom remodeling project right away, contact us and get our consultation.