What are the new trends for bathrooms in 2021

As hygiene is now the top thing, especially in environments that have high traffic such as bathrooms, therefore new trends, antimicrobial fixtures, and other things are being done for bathrooms to provide maximum facilities. Although there are a lot of trends for bathrooms that are available in the market and are being used widely by a lot of people and others, keeping all necessary items and the modern era in our mind, we have enlisted the new trends for bathrooms in 2021. You need to read below in order to know about various new trends for bathrooms.

Floating Vanities

While the floating vanities’ crisp lines lean contemporary, the storage solution for space-saving has various customization choices with sinks, faucets, hardware to fit all kinds of the style. Wall-mount bathroom vanities come in a configurations array, from a whole unit with a countertop, sink, and storage base like a freestanding vanity without the legs to partial sets and completely separate pieces.

Modern Marble Tiled Bathroom
The latter option allows you to find the ideal arrangement like the width and length of the countertop or the location of storage without limiting it to the space available about the plumbing. You can utilize storage cabinets on the wall vertically/horizontally, open/closed, higher/lower. A wall-hung vanity is clean and airy and does not look like a heavy box on the floor. And regardless of its setup, floating vanities make it very easy to clean bathroom floors, as well.

Gold metals

Metal is an essential interior trend in recent years, and it looks that it won’t be falling into disuse. Gold metals provide glamor with natural materials. It reflects the light as well as inject style, with an industrial touch or a glamour touch. Metals with matt or satin finishes will be particularly famous this year. Metal accessories in gold, brass tones are another trend.

Tiles with creative patterns

Geometric patterned tiles can be famous in recent years, but it turns into plain and basic tiles, but with a creative touch. For instance, a spike design adds a dose of elegant appeal. Basket braiding patterns will be famous in modern bathrooms.

Cocoon room

It can be hardly a surprise that bathroom trends in 2021 are headed up by the trend for home spas. Starting from scented candles to luxury and modern fittings, there is a lot of ways to make your own spa retreat. Bathrooms are now much more than purely functional spaces. More people now want to make an oasis of wellbeing at the heart of their house where they can enjoy as a private retreat to de-stress and unwind. You can call this trend cocooning as it is a way to wrap in comfort and a sense of luxury. Cocooning is a mood that may be made with simple moments that make us pause like the ritual of lighting a scented candle or wrapping ourselves in a warm robe. Or this can be enjoyed with fittings that will provide spa-like experiences such as hydrotherapy baths, massaging showers, and state of the art steam rooms.

Fluted Finishes

A visual delight and ribbed surfaces are a contemporary twist now in the bathrooms. Reeded finishes are in the interior’s limelight. Delicately ribbed surfaces on vanity units and cabinets offer subtle interest, shower doors in decorative, vertically grooved glass provide immediate privacy although letting light to shine through.

Forever green

In cabinetry/plants, this perennial hue may make a life-enhancing link with nature. The variety of attention-grabbing tiles and bathroom ceramics provides an opportunity for strong and best new looks. In soft shades, green will offer a natural sense of calm, while darker or bolder tones can provide individuality and depth. Try walls of saturated color in paint/tiles, a contemporary vanity unit, and a countertop basin.

Open showers

This’s the trend that has got everybody on their toes. It is easy, elegant, and incredibly modern. There’s no downside to have an open shower. Depending on the bathroom’s layout, it is separated from the rest of the floor with a glass panel or edges and stairs. Do not get worried, clever drainage systems are sure to keep the water from spilling all over the bathroom. For an ultra-modern bathroom and an easy way to open up space, an open shower bathroom is without a doubt the way to go. You can make it interesting with a texture on the back wall, or you can go the minimalist route with a solid color such as grey which is the best option.

Bathroom Smart Technology

Technology continues to be famous for all types of rooms of the home, but there are specific technologies suited for bathrooms. These will grow in popularity over the next 3 years. Professionals told that tech that’s useful, that’s helpful, but not highly intrusive will be big. The top smart tech for bathrooms is predicted to be smart temperature control for both floors/showers. Water conservation technology is in second place but is close to motion-sensor controls, light or leak detectors. Although one on the list is preset lighting schemes for different times of day, designers see this being as famous for Millennials as mobile applications that can begin a shower.

A Mix of Everything for a Stylish Look

If you also want to stand out with a notable bathroom in 2021, you should have a combination of several materials for the decor. You may have textured woods that have glossy elements, from glass to ceramics, or different interior design styles together such as Scandinavian with industrial, and traditional with mid-century.

Vintage bathroom fixtures

When you thought it is time to get rid of the tapware that looks like something from a hotel bathroom in a classic old Hollywood movie, they make their appearance in a few of the most stylish interiors again. An antique brass bath mixer with a hand shower isn’t a past thing. Visible shower pipes are no longer something that has to be avoided. Brass tones and shiny tiles complement each other. Add a little rug and some candles to the bathroom to complete the look.