What Are The Most Comfortable And Popular Bathtubs?

Even if it’s just sitting with a book in hand, browsing through your phone, or simply soaking in the warm water, bathtubs are a great spot to relax in your home. More people are looking at bathroom renovations today, and one of the best places to start is the bathroom. Deciding whether you want a bath or simply a shower is generally an easy choice. What’s hard is deciding what type of bath you want if you do decide to invest.

Here are some of the top choices:

The Freestanding Tub

Although the freestanding tub may be the most popular choice for its striking visual appeal, it is not exactly the most comfortable bathtub. These tubs are mostly placed isolated from any wall and do not usually have any grips close to them, making it difficult for children and older people to climb out of them. Freestanding tubs also have very high walls, making it difficult to maintain posture. They also don’t come with shelves or a place to keep the things you might need for taking a shower.

big tub in the back of the bathroom

The Drop-in type

These soaking tubs are great for having the ultimate bathtub experience, featuring a rim around the top that fastens to the top of the frame. From the outside, only the rim is visible. However, they have a similar problem as the Freestanding tub. Drop-in tubs can be difficult to get in or out of as they are relatively deeper and have high walls. They also don’t come with grips or handles.

The 3 Wall Alcove

If you’re looking for a bathtub with optimum comfort levels and luxury and is also visually charming, the 3 Wall Alcove might be the right choice for you. They are very easy to get in and out of as they have safety handles and a wall close to them. They are spacious and offer a good soak.

Other Options

The Undermount: The under-mount tub is a variation of the drop-in tub. Although they are sturdy and well placed, they do have high walls like the drop-in tubs.

The Corner Tub: Corner tubs have good functionality due to the little space they take. On the downside, this can create a compromise on the comfortability, as these tubs are generally too small in size.

The Claw-Foot: The Claw-Foot belongs to a category of the Freestanding tub. These tubs provide you with a good soaking experience, but they require more physical effort from a person to get in and out of.

The Hot Tub: Hot tubs are ideal for joint pain and arthritis. However, most hot tubs do not come with a cool water system, so these only serve a specific group of people.

The Japanese Tub: These are deep (around 27 inches, much more than the American standard) luxurious tubs that let you soak your entire body chin deep.

Which Is The Most Comfortable Bathtub Type?

Honestly, it’s an entirely personal decision, but one of our favorites is the 3 Wall Alcove design. It maximizes space, is spacious and can come including a handy built-in storage cabinet. 

If you want to find out more about any of the above or want information and tips on the best choice for your bathroom, get in touch with our team of experts today!