How To Make Windowless Bathrooms Look Brighter?

Do you have a bathroom without a window? You aren’t alone.

Studies show that exposure to bright light in the morning can actually boost the body’s energy and help you improve your focus. Yet, many buildings don’t have enough windows, and in particular, bathrooms with windows – particularly for those who live in apartments.

Unfortunately, a windowless bathroom can make you feel claustrophobic. With no natural light making its way into the bathroom, it’s pretty natural to feel trapped in a dark and cramped space. Not a great start to your day, right?

Not only that though… windowless bathrooms also tend to become damp – so you need to make sure they have proper ventilation or that dampness can quickly turn to mold.

3d illustration of an interior design of a white minimalist bathroom

So, if you’re ready to make your bathroom brighter, we’ve got some tips to help you get there…

Top Tips To Help Your Windowless Bathroom Look Brighter

Did you know it’s actually quite easy to make your windowless bathroom look airy and bright? If you’re looking for a way to style your windowless bathroom to make it look more radiant than before, here are a few ways to start.

Go For Bright Shades of Color or Whites

Your windowless bathroom will not look dingy and dark if you opt for lighter and brighter shades of color for the walls. Choose from an airy color palette. It will look quite spacious and the colors will reflect the lighting in the bathroom.

While choosing from the different shades of color, go for whites, neutral colors, and pastel shades. It is better if you don’t choose dark colors. Darker shades will not help you in making your windowless bathroom look bright. They will not uplift the area much. Plus, these colors will make the bathroom look more cramped.

Want an elegant décor that looks bright? Choose white. It’s the best way to reflect light through space – and works amazingly well with a mirror. You may even buy bathroom accessories like bathroom mats, rugs, or tiles that are white in color.

You Can Install a Good Lighting System

You may want to install a nice lighting system in your windowless bathroom. Investing in overhead lights is a good idea. In addition to overhead lights, you can install spotlights in different areas inside your toilet. Your windowless bathroom will look bright as a result.

Also, go for bulbs that emit colors that resemble natural light. Bulbs emitting yellow light isn’t a good move since these can make windowless bathrooms look tiny and confined.

Transparent Fittings and Uplifting Ornaments Look Better in Windowless Bathrooms

Now, bathrooms that have zero windows need the right fittings. However, these should not make the bathroom space look claustrophobic. Look to choose transparent fittings for your windowless bathroom.

Glass works great when it comes to giving an impression of more space. You can even go for polished metals – these do not trap light inside them and give your bathroom a more spacious feel.

Glass fittings can be a good choice as well. These will help reflect light more, making your bathroom appear bigger and shinier. The space will also not look overcrowded. Glass shower enclosures, shower screens, and other similar options will look good in a bathroom with no windows.

You can also place different kinds of uplifting accessories in bathrooms lacking windows. You can put mirrors, artificial plants, or other similar types of ornaments to enhance the beauty of the space.

Mirrors are excellent accessories for windowless bathrooms because they make them look roomier. You can look to have more than one mirror. Finally, don’t forget to have a full wall of a mirror – which can help double the space visually.

Invest In Storage Units to Store Toiletries and Other Accessories

Keep a windowless bathroom free from clutter. Unorganized toiletries and accessories can make the area look all the more confined.

You can install small and simple storage units in your windowless bathrooms to store all the toiletries and other products. By keeping them organized inside your storage units, you can avoid clutter. This, in turn, will brighten up the bathroom.

Don’t Forget The Ventilation

Finally, look to keep your windowless bathrooms properly ventilated. While it is hard for moisture to escape from bathrooms without windows, too much water can lead to mold growth on the walls and other surfaces. This, in turn, can be damaging to the overall appearance of windowless bathrooms. To deal with this problem, look to install an extractor fan that can expel the moisture. If you need help with anything in your bathroom redesign, get in touch with our team today to discuss.