What is Luxury Vinyl Tile?

Luxury vinyl tile has grown in popularity over the recent years as one of the best types of flooring used worldwide. It is a durable flooring that has the look of stone or hardwood and is resilient to daily wear or tear. Luxury vinyl tile is ideal for any room in a home because it … Read more

Bathroom Paints. What Types are the best?

Moisture is one of the major issues of concern when applying a fresh coat of paint on your bathroom walls. If applied in a wrong way, the moisture that accumulates in the interior surfaces will make the paint to peel off after a short period. Theoretically, you need to prevent the formation of moisture on … Read more

Best Way to Unclog a Bathroom Sink

It is common to experience stopped-up or slow-moving drains in bathroom sinks. This problem is usually caused by gummy soap scum or strands of hair that get trapped on the pivot rod or stopper, thus clogging the bathroom sink. Although bathroom sinks come in many designs, they almost have a similar drain system meant to … Read more

Bathroom Faucets – Why Quality Is Important

It is quite difficult to find a bathroom faucet that fits every basin or sink because they come in many varieties. There are lots of things you need to put into consideration when choosing your bathroom faucets since your final decision can either improve or ruin your décor. Understanding your needs will help strike a … Read more

How to Get Rid of Shower Stains, Once and For All

The fact of the matter is that daily, intensive cleaning is often required to keep older bathroom products looking decent. There are certain cleaning solutions, chemicals, and detergents that work marvelously on old grout and tired tile, but even these harsh, expensive cleaning products and daily deep cleaning won’t solve the problem permanently. With high-quality, … Read more

Accessible Bathroom Solutions: Barrier-Free Shower Bases

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Barrier-Free Shower Choosing a barrier-free shower can be an easy option for many families and individuals that would benefit from a safer shower experience in their homes. Even so, those looking into shower replacement takes some thought, and a design consultant can help you make sure your new barrier-free … Read more

Give Your Bathroom a Stunning Makeover for Less With Acrylic Wall Systems

Fortunately, today’s newest and most innovative bath products are designed to resist deterioration with non-porous materials that won’t ever chip, fade, crack, peel, or discolor. Our advanced-infused acrylic is the ideal material for the bathroom and engineered to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. This means that your bathroom will look great for as … Read more

How Shower Seats Enhance Safety and Comfort

Shower seats can make your shower safer and reduce your risk of falling. They come in many styles, with features to suit a variety of needs. Wooden wall-mount, fold-down shower benches are functional and attractive. A transfer bench with a back can be quite heavy-duty and easy to assemble. If all you need is a … Read more

Is a Shower or Tub Best for You?

On the other hand, bathtubs can be tricky for people with limited mobility. Getting in or out of a bathtub can be difficult for older people and people with injuries or disabilities. Bathtubs also require more resources than showers. They take up a lot of space, use more water than showers, and require a water … Read more

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