How To Make Windowless Bathrooms Look Brighter?

3d illustration of an interior design of a white minimalist bathroom

Do you have a bathroom without a window? You aren’t alone. Studies show that exposure to bright light in the morning can actually boost the body’s energy and help you improve your focus. Yet, many buildings don’t have enough windows, and in particular, bathrooms with windows – particularly for those who live in apartments. Unfortunately, … Read more

Top 3 Reasons To Convert A Bath To A Shower

Beautiful interior design of a modern bathroom

There’s nothing more soul-refreshing like showering after a hectic day, isn’t it? People love a luxurious bathtub experience. And it’s quite time-consuming since once you start, you don’t feel like getting out! But showers are the new bathtubs – as more people take to the idea. For one, bathtubs may be hard to fit in … Read more

Why Are Bathtubs Dangerous?

modern bathroom interior design with white stone bathtub

Staying clean and maintaining hygiene is crucial, but if you thought taking a bath would remove all the dirt and germs from your body while also providing a luxury experience, we’ve got some bad news for you. Bathtubs can actually be harmful to your health… yeah, you read that correctly. It’s not good for you … Read more

Would Vinyl Bathroom Walls Help With Mildew?

Hand in gloves I want to clean mold in the bathroom

Renovating your bathroom and not sure what walls would be best suited? Vinyl bathroom walls are growing in popularity due to their durability and affordability. It not only makes a space look refined but also helps keep it clean for a long time. If you’re considering vinyl bathroom walls, mildew is probably a concern and … Read more

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