Bathtub Liner vs. Bathtub Replacement

Cracked old cracked enamel in the bathroom or sink. Damaged old bath cover. Renovation of old baths with acrylics

From the outside, a bathtub liner and bathtub replacement can look very similar. So, when it’s time for a bathroom remodel, it’s tempting to choose a cheap tub liner. Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with installing a bathtub liner over your current tub and shower wall tiles, but there are also many instances where a total … Read more

The Best Bathroom Faucet Finishes

master bathroom in newly constructed luxury home

Bathroom finishes are an important part of any bathroom design. Quick updates to bathroom fixtures and a new coat of paint can be a total transformation for a bathroom. Because they’re so impactful, as you work on your bathroom remodeling project, knowing which finish is best for bathroom faucets in your home is important. The … Read more

How To Find The Best Showerhead

Rain water falling type shower head with blue clean tone

Did you know that the average shower lasts for about eight minutes? If you shower every day, that adds up to about an hour every week! If you have the best shower head you can find, then that can be an hour of pleasant bliss. On the other hand, if there is something wrong with … Read more

10 Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes

Glorious master suite with large freestanding tub and skylight window

Bathroom remodels mistakes come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Some of the worst bathroom designs aren’t necessarily out-of-style, but they happen when form no longer meets function. A bathroom should serve very specific needs and do so with a nice aesthetic and enjoyable atmosphere.  Starting your bathroom remodel project with a clear plan and … Read more

Walk-In Shower Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Bathroom in scandinavian style

If you have a small bathroom with limited space, you can still enjoy the luxury of having a walk-in shower. You don’t need a large space to accommodate a walk-in shower in your bathroom. Here are some creative and inspiring walk-in shower ideas for your small bathroom: Choose A Suitable Shower Pan While planning your … Read more

Why Is My Shower Smelly?

Floor drain in an old shower

Showers are usually a relaxing aspect of an individual’s day. After a long, stressful day at work, you can’t think of anything better than getting into the shower and letting the water take all your stress away. However, there is also the other side to showers where they can be quite embarrassing. Common causes of … Read more

3 Benefits of Bidets For Elderly

Warm water washing toilet seat

When it comes to disabled and elderly care, maintaining their privacy, dignity, and autonomy is extremely important. It is about sustaining their sense of self-respect, making them feel truly valued and cared for at all times. It is also about allowing them to make decisions for themselves and being allowed to perform certain tasks by … Read more

3 Major Bathroom Improvements for Seniors

Retirement woman fell down in a restroom

You might be surprised to know that of all the rooms in your house there’s one room that’s universally considered the most dangerous. If you thought it was the kitchen, think again; in fact, most injuries in the house occur from falls in the bathroom. These injuries are usually the result of wet and slippery … Read more

A Homeowner’s Guide To Bathroom Accessibility

Asian senior or elderly old lady woman patient use toilet bathroom handle security in nursing hospital ward : healthy strong medical concept.

Mobility issues or difficulties in physical functioning are a reality for 15 percent of the population in the U.S.—that’s 38 million adults, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Private, residential homes are not covered by the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). Studies indicate that fewer than five percent of homes in … Read more

Pros and Cons of Bathroom Countertop Types

Fabulous countertops in well planned bathroom

From the available types of materials to edge details, countertop options really vary across the board – so how do you choose the right one for your bathroom? Aside from appearance, you should also consider price, and maintenance when investing in a bathroom countertop. Although bathroom vanity tops see less wear and tear than kitchens, … Read more

Is Shower Mold Dangerous?

Cleaning the joint mold on the tiles

Showers are perfect breeding grounds for mold. Mold thrives in damp areas with poor ventilation. These conditions are often found in bathrooms. Mold needs adequate moisture, oxygen, food, and the right temperature. In these conditions, mold will grow and reproduce by releasing spores, which are microscopic cells that act as seeds.  When people use the … Read more

How To Plan for a Bathroom Renovation

Drawing renovation of a Luxury modern bathroom

Renovating your bathroom can go one of two ways—either it is a smooth and easy process or it’s fraught with delays and challenges. The way to avoid the latter is through preparation and planning of your bathroom remodel. Whether you’re getting a replacement shower or a top-to-bottom renovation, you’ll benefit from learning how to plan … Read more

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