Is It a Good Idea to Paint Bathroom Ceiling?

Bathrooms are the second most important rooms in most homes, from the kitchens. It is therefore important to keep them presentable as much as possible. Painting the bathroom ceiling is one of the many ways through which you can improve your bathroom. However, it is good to understand the reasons why you should paint the bathroom ceiling. This article looks at exactly that.

  • It Reduces Energy Costs

Dull or unpainted colors absorb light while bright ones reflect it into the room. It, therefore, means that you should not just paint your bathroom ceiling; you should paint it with a bright color such as white. Experts advise that white color, among other advantages, will reflect most of the light into the room. This, therefore, means that you will not be required to install many bulbs and with just a medium amount of light, it will be enough to illuminate your room. Even as you do this, it is not just light that will be reflected, heat too will be reflected into the room. The ripple effect is that you will not need to use your underfloor heating system so often. This translates to reduced energy costs.

  • To Prevent Structural Damage

Bathrooms produce lots of vapor and warmth due to heavy-duty and frequent usage of water while showering and cleaning the room. Since the ceiling is made of wood, which is highly porous, it will absorb most of the vapor when it does not have a protective coating. Accumulation of vapor for quite some time damages your ceiling through rotting and you will be required to keep repairing or replacing it. The worst-case scenario is when the vapor reaches the structural rafters and the damage is too much. However, with paint in place, the ceiling will be protected from the vapor and chances of structural damage are minimal. Paint also protects the ceiling and the structural wood from attack by insects.

  • Improves Home Value

An unpainted ceiling not only looks bad, but it gives an impression of a disorganized homestead. No matter how good the structure may be looking, if the ceiling is left unpainted, the bathroom will appear messy and cheap. A prospective buyer will be hesitant to pick yours as their dream home and even if they do, they are unlikely to meet your asking price. Painting your bathroom ceiling, on the other hand, makes the room appear sophisticated even with cheap finishes. This comes to reward you handsomely when reselling the property. A potential buyer will most likely choose your home and most probably, they will meet your asking price.

  • For a Healthy Life

Vapor and steam are made of water and warmth, which come from the hot shower. Since warm air rises, the vapor will find its way to the ceiling, which is made of wood. 0ver accumulation of vapor creates a haven for growth of mold and mildew, posing a threat to your health and that of your loved ones. Mold is the single largest cause for most allergies worldwide and among the leading contributors for some respiratory-related conditions like asthma. Painting your ceiling, therefore, alleviates the chances of mold growth. You will thus live a healthier life.

  • Makes Smaller Bathrooms Appear Larger

Unpainted ceiling makes the room darker, no matter how much lighting you install in the bathroom. As you might already know, dark or dull colors make a room, no matter how big, appear boxed in and smaller than it is. Now, picture how a smaller bathroom feels with an unpainted ceiling. Painting a bathroom ceiling on the other hand, makes the room appear brighter. The brightness makes the room appear larger and spaced out than it is.

  • For Aesthetic Beauty

A bare ceiling looks unsightly and cheap, regardless of how much you invest in the finishing. A painted ceiling, on the other hand, makes the bathroom look and feel classy and elegant. It makes it appear expensive even with cheap finishing. This improves the quality of your life since you will even spend more time lying in the bathtub reminiscing good sweet memories. You will even not be shy about hosting visitors in your home because of embarrassments.

There are wide varieties of designs and colors to paint the bathroom ceiling. For a minimalist life, you can choose a plain white color. However, for those of you that love nature and art, you can hang wallpapers that mimic different natural features like the ocean, forest or a plain.