Is a Shower or Tub Best for You?

If you’re remodeling your bathroom, you might be questioning your bath and shower options. For many years, the shower and bathtub combination has been the go-to choice, and that makes sense because having both a shower and tub is practical and efficient. Recently many people have been opting for a separate shower and freestanding tub. That’s a great set up if you have the room, but if you have to choose between the two, which one is for you?

The choice between a bathtub and shower is, of course, subjective. If you’ve got little kids to bathe, a bathtub might be really important. Aside from that, though, there are pros and cons to both options.

Things to think about when considering a bathtub:

  • Bathtubs are great for relaxing. They soothe sore muscles and can include spa-like features such as air jets and whirlpool versions.
  • Bathtubs can suit just about any bathroom. Available in a variety of sizes, they also come in many different styles, to fit your décor. Because they’re finished on all sides, they can be placed wherever they fit best in your bathroom.
  • On the other hand, bathtubs can be tricky for people with limited mobility. Getting in or out of a bathtub can be difficult for older people and people with injuries or disabilities.
  • Bathtubs also require more resources than showers. They take up a lot of space, use more water than showers, and require a water heater with a high enough capacity to fill the tub with hot water. It also takes time to fill up a bathtub and take a bath.

Shower considerations:

  • Showers are fast, convenient, and efficient. They use less water than bathtubs, it’s easy to take a quick shower, and they have a smaller footprint than tubs.
  • Today’s showers are customizable. Does your bathroom need to accommodate someone with mobility issues? A shower can easily be equipped with features like grab bars, non-slip tiles, and benches. What’s more, today’s showers can include many high-end features like rain showers, jets, and steam options.
  • However, showers aren’t practical for everyone. As mentioned previously, it’s difficult to bathe small children in a shower. And even for adults, sometimes a bath is a more soothing option.
  • Shower cleaning and maintenance can be bothersome. Shower doors require a lot of cleaning and maintenance, so they don’t get lime and calcium stains. Shower leaks can be difficult to repair and may require the assistance of a professional.

Another factor to consider is the return on investment for your bathroom remodel. Which yields a better ROI – a bathtub or a shower? Even though the trend right now is to rip out the bathtub and replace it with a spacious shower, you’ll do well to consider a few key factors about the housing market in your area. Who will likely purchase your home? If you’re in a neighborhood that primarily appeals to empty nesters or older people, a shower might be your best bet. However, if the neighborhood appeals to young families with children, a bathtub is a better option.

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