How Difficult It Is to Install a Glass Shower Door?

Glass shower enclosures have sleek transparency that makes a bathroom appear larger than it is. They are framed or frameless based on individual preferences that work perfectly for interior design. Framed units aren’t affordable but weigh less, while frameless units need thicker glass and are more expensive than framed ones. These features make it hard to install frameless glass shower enclosures because any mistake could lead to breakage or poor door functionality. This article discusses how tough it’s to install a glass shower door by looking at what should be considered before installation and why you should hire a professional.

Factors to Consider When Installing Glass Shower Doors

Level of Expertise
Homeowners who want to install a frameless shower door on their own and save money, generally lack sufficient skills to handle the installation procedure. Though anybody can purchase the door and hinges at a local home improvement store, installing the glass enclosure needs a few levels of certain skill that most people don’t have.

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It’s something that an average person can’t learn overnight since the drillings, alignments, and measurements require to be best to avoid any issues that can arise because of poor installation.


Installing frameless glass doors is hard working because the clips that attach the door to the wall must be leveled perfectly for preventing it from sagging. Special drill bits are used to appropriately attach the clips if the tile is installed in the shower. Framed doors are relatively simple for installing compared to the frameless glass enclosures because they’re thinner and weigh less. This quickens the installation procedure because the glass rests on the frame instead of a hinge or clip. Because of this reason, the installation procedure of a frameless glass door will take longer than a framed one.

Water Leaks

Many reputable companies take more pain to avoid water leaks since the seal around the shower doors fails over time if not installed appropriately. Framed units contain a heavy water barrier because they have a metal frame and a layer of caulk. This means that they’re less probable to have water leaks compared to frameless units. A frameless shower door needs silicone caulked edges and rubber gaskets to keep water out. Rubber gaskets tend to crack over time, which will lead to water leakages. Though this issue is mitigated using mitered edges, such improvements will add to the total price of labor making the installation procedure costly.


Not all shower enclosures have similar features and dimensions. An average person who does not have any experience in glass door installation can find it difficult to assess and estimate the right measurements for the enclosure. Though you will follow the instructions given from online resources, the overall outcome cannot meet expectations. Professional contractors customize your shower enclosure to meet the requirements irrespective of the situation. They make better use of their skills and years of experience to make sure the door fits snugly.

Risk of Shattering

Improper installation of a frameless glass shower door will lead to shattering. This issue is scary than water leakage and can cause annoyance seeing pieces of shattered glass all over the bathroom floor. Shattering glass shower doors are caused by poor installation and mishandling during transport which will lead to breaks in the glass that worsen over time.

Instructions for a Glass Door Installation

There are two types of glass shower entryways.

Sliding, sidestep, comprises 2 sliding boards that move by moving on tracks. Their flexibility functions with all sizes of washrooms, shower, and bath combos. These are found on independent slows down and need leeway for the entryway to open into the restroom. If you don’t know which type you will work with, then it is imperative to practice alert. Establishment and substitution of shower entryways especially glass ones are precarious. Prior to wandering into the DIY domain, make sure you have the essential security materials.

Cut the Base Track

Measure it to meet the specifications of the shower’s edge. Cut the track with a hacksaw and use a record to smooth the recently roughened edge.

Spot the Track

Set it on the limit and the fit should be cozy and use a measuring tape to watch that it’s focused.

Introduce the Second Jamb

Slide the strike rail onto the subsequent support and hold the rail together as you line up the entryway with the track. Imprint the areas of the screw openings and use a programmed siphon to make divots. You will drill 3/16” openings, and then tap the plastic divider, after that, you will join the frame with screws, sliding the entryway into place.

Secure the Frame

You need to drill a 1/2” opening through the gathering purpose of the track as well as the vertical casing. You will use a screw for ensuring secure work.

Join the Top Track

Follow the same advice used to join the base track. Set and secure the perfect one.

Set up the Rollers

Some rollers come separate from the tracks and a few come previously appended. It is essential that rollers within the entryway face inside the shower fenced in the place; rollers outwardly one face outward.

Hang the Doors

Hang within one and slide it right toward the divider with the showerhead. Hang the external one and make sure both skim openly.

Apply Caulking

Seal your work with caulk and outside of the base track and frames; smooth the caulking with a clay blade.

Get done with the Handles

Connect the handles to complete your establishment. Sliding entryways will have long, even handles. Your pack should incorporate important materials.

Why hire a professional to install a glass shower door?

If you’re going to remodeling your home this summer, it will not be possible to ignore bathroom renovations. And when it comes to bathroom renovations, the shower door is important. Nowadays, mostly prefer to install glass shower doors in their bathroom. And where there’s glasswork included, there’s no room for errors. Therefore, it is better to hire a professional company when you plan for a glass shower installation. There are many companies providing shower door services and claiming to be professional when you approach them. However, it is critical to make the right choice in this regard. When you pick up the right company for you, you’re going to get these advantages in return.

  • Safety
  • Cost-Effective
  • High-Quality Results