Top Tips for Remodeling A Bath For Resale

Remodeling a bath is one of the most common upgrades you can do around the home, and one of the best to add value to your property. In fact, if bathroom remodeling projects are handled prudently, homeowners will be able to recoup about 50% of their expenses.

While remodeling a bath, there’s a lot you should take into account. To start with, consider replacing outdated and worn-out objects and fixtures. Look to transform the bath into a functional and aesthetic space. In addition, your budget will decide how you want to upgrade existing features or install new items.

Also, the design of your remodeled bath should be such that you don’t have to renovate the space soon. Most importantly, you must consider making such changes that would increase the resale value of your house.

Bathroom interior with screened bath tub, wooden vanity cabinet with drawers and granite top

10 Tips for Remodeling Your Bath to Improve the Resale Value of Your House

1.  Always Use Materials of Good Quality

Choosing good quality materials while remodeling your bath will enhance its aesthetic appeal and increase the resale value of your house.

2.  Install New Fixtures in Your Bath

Installing new fixtures in your bath will make the space look alluring. New fixtures will also impart a modern look to your bath. Replacing old faucets and showerheads is not that expensive.

While replacing plumbing fixtures, ensure that they do not look out of place in your bath. The fixtures complement other features of your bath, like the colors of the walls, the decor, and so on.

3.  Apply A Fresh Coat of Paint

Apply a fresh coat of paint while remodeling your bath. It will help your bath look new and welcoming. This will also conceal any damage caused to the wall due to leakage or dark patches resulting from mold growth. Avoid going for darker shades. Instead, choose lighter or neutral colors instead.

4.  Upgrade The Flooring

Consider upgrading the flooring in your bathroom. The average cost per square foot of bathroom flooring ranges from $2.50 to $4.00, excluding labor costs. It is wise to choose waterproof and durable flooring. Installation of heat mats under the tiles would be great.

5.  Change The Lighting

Lighting can significantly impact how the space looks. Your bath may look spacious if you have installed the proper lighting. However, without the right lighting, it may look congested.

6.  Use The Space in An Efficient Manner

If your bath is a small one, make sure that you use the entire space efficiently. To prevent it from looking congested, you may install a sink in the corner of your bath. You can also do away with any extra item, such as an additional vanity sink which is rarely used. Changes such as these will help your bathroom look roomier than before.

7.  Upgrade To a Full Bath in Case You Don’t Have One

If you wish to increase the resale value of your house, upgrade to a full bath consisting of a toilet, shower, sink, and bathtub as well. Remodeling a bath can be expensive. Before embarking upon a project like this, you need to have a foolproof plan, and you must also consult designers and experts.

Remember that you will incur a loss if you make a wrong decision, which is certainly undesirable. So, decide and proceed wisely while going for a bathroom remodel.

8.  Replace The Glass on Your Windows

You can replace the glass on the windows in your bath. If you have windows made of stained glass, you can switch to frosted glass windows during a remodel. Frosted glass windows will let sufficient sunlight to enter your bath without leaving you exposed to prying eyes. 

9.  Change Your Bathroom Doors

To improve the resale value of your bath, you need something extraordinary that would appeal to prospective buyers. Changing your old bathroom door can help you attain this goal.

Adding a new element like a barn door can improve the resale value of your house to a considerable extent. A lot of people prefer hanging their ordinary bathroom doors with barn doors hardware.

Either go for rustic wood for a minimalist look, or you may choose to apply a fresh coat of paint to your existing door to make your bathroom look visually appealing.  

10. Consider Updating Your Bathroom Tiles

While remodeling your bath, you can also change the existing tiles in your bathroom to enhance its aesthetic appeal. Exercise your artistic freedom to the fullest while choosing new tiles for your bath. Go for bright and colorful tiles to make your bath look resplendent.

For an elegant look, you can choose herringbone tiles for your bathroom floor. To lend an exotic touch to your bath, you may use faux wood tiles to infuse wood accents in your bath.

Whatever you decide to do when remodeling your bath, you can get in touch with our friendly team to assist! We’ll be happy to help.