How to Organize Your Bathroom Countertops

If your bathroom countertops look more like a contretemps, chances are you could benefit from a little bit of organization. There are plenty of bathroom countertops that become easily cluttered due to the many products and appliances necessary and the common lack of bathroom storage space available. It’s also easier to leave something you frequently use out on the counter than it is to put it away and get it back out every time you use it.

At the same time, too much clutter can make your bathroom look like a disaster area and make it frustrating to use. Just a few bathroom countertop organization tips can help you get things a bit more sorted out and make you feel better about the situation.

A tray creates boundaries and gives you a fixed space to store similar items on. Trays can also be quite decorative, adding some class and beauty to your bathroom space. You can use one larger tray or two smaller ones. Be sure to choose a tray made from something moisture proof and that’s fairly easy to clean.
You’ll likely find plenty of uses for canisters which are great for loose items like cotton balls or cotton swabs. You can use all kinds of containers including mason jars or vintage tea tins. You can also opt for stacking canisters and keep them in a vanity cabinet.
Drawer Trays
If your drawers are just as unorganized as your countertops, you can use drawer trays with dividers to keep everything sorted out. You can simply use drawer trays that are used for office supplies or even the ones you keep your silverware in.

You can also use organizational bath accessories like installed wall-mounted holders or add a shelf to get things off the counter but still have them easily accessible. One way to de-clutter your countertops is by throwing away things you don’t use or need. If a bathroom remodel might help you get more organized, contact Bath Planet NJ today at 732-624-6369.