How Difficult Is It To Install a Glass Shower Door?

Tempered-glass shower enclosures have sleek transparency that makes a bathroom appear bigger than it is. They can be framed or frameless based on individual preferences and the features that work best for the interior design. Framed units are not only affordable but also weigh less, while frameless units require thicker glass and are more expensive than framed ones. These features make it difficult to install frameless glass shower enclosures because any slight mistake could lead to breakage or poor door functionality. This article discusses how difficult it is to install a glass shower door by looking at what should be considered before installation and why you need to hire a professional.

Factors to Consider When Installing Glass Shower Doors

Level of Expertise

Install a Glass Shower Door

Homeowners looking to install a frameless shower door on their own and save money usually lack enough skills to handle the installation process. Although anyone can buy the door and hinges at a local home improvement store, installing the glass enclosure requires some level of skill that many people do not have. It is something that an average person cannot learn overnight since the drillings, alignments, and measurements need to be perfect to avoid any problems that may arise due to poor installation.


Installing frameless glass shower doors is more labor-intensive because the clips used to attach the door to the wall should be leveled perfectly to prevent it from sagging. Special drill bits are used to properly attach the clips if the tile is installed in the shower. Framed doors are relatively easier to install compared to the frameless glass enclosures because they are thinner and weigh less. This quickens the installation process because the glass rests on the frame rather than a hinge or clip. Due to this reason, the installation process of a frameless glass door will take longer than a framed one.

Water Leaks

Most reputable companies take extra pain to prevent water leaks since the seal around the shower doors fails over time if not installed properly. Framed units have a heavier water barrier because they have a metal frame and a layer of caulk. This means that they are less likely to have water leaks compared to frameless units. A frameless shower door requires silicone caulked edges and rubber gaskets to keep water out. Rubber gaskets tend to crack over time, which can lead to water leakages. Although this problem can be mitigated using mitered edges, such improvements often add to the total cost of labor making the installation process very costly.


Not all shower enclosures have the same characteristics and dimensions. An average person who has no experience in installing glass shower doors can find it difficult to estimate the right measurements for the enclosure. Although you can follow the instructions given from online resources, the overall outcome may not meet your expectations. Professional contractors can customize your shower enclosure to meet your needs regardless of the situation. They make good use of their skills and years of experience to ensure the door fits snugly.

Risk of Shattering

Improper installation of a frameless glass shower door can lead to shattering. This problem is scarier than water leakage and can cause big annoyance seeing pieces of shattered glass all over your bathroom floor. Shattering glass shower doors can be caused by poor installation or mishandling during transport leading to small breaks in the glass that worsen over time. The pressure is applied to the rest of the door, which causes it to shatter.

Why Should I Hire a Professional?

Many homeowners choose to pursue DIY applications to reduce labor costs and save money. Installing a glass shower door on your own is a bad idea because it can cost you more time and money in the long run. One of the major reasons why you should hire a professional is that frameless glass shower doors are heavy, expensive, and can break easily if mishandled. The installation process can be challenging since glass shower doors are designed based on the measurements of your space. Professional installation services can derive the exact measurements of your shower entrance and customize the glass door to fit perfectly.

Frameless glass shower doors do not have a frame that guides you during installation and there is much work needed to ensure the glass stays firmly in place after the job is done. Everything to do with accurate estimates, transportation, handling, and proper installation of a glass shower door can be quite challenging if you do not have the right experience. A professional contractor not only has the right skills but also have years of experience in installing glass shower doors no matter the situation.