How Long Does a Bathroom Renovation Take?

There is no exact and precise duration of a bathroom renovation as it varies from one contractor to another. The planning and subsequent execution normally takes six weeks to three months including the final touches and wrapping any apparent loose ends. Sometimes there is a need to extend renovation timelines in case you have any plumbing, electrical works and modifications. This therefore necessitates an application for permits and other vital approvals and all these have an effect on the amount of time that a bathroom renovation would consume.

Various factors dictate the amount of time that a bathroom renovation takes. This includes whether the remodeling is a cosmetic one and if you are doing the work yourself or engaging the services of a professional contractor. The availability of the material to be used is also very vital since sometimes there might be a need for awaiting delivery hence derailing the project.

This article outlines a good timetable of how the bathroom renovation task should be undertaken in order to help you understand the average duration. Furthermore, there is an assumption that the given materials to be employed are readily available hence proceeding without any undue technicalities that might slow down the progress.

  • Pre-Construction

This entails closing the property prior to making any plans regarding the renovation. While seeking for a contractor, you ought to plan about the requisite site visits and solicitation for bids. It should take around 1 to 3 weeks and it is followed by leveling bids and opting for a specific contractor. You should review the contract drafted, sign it and finalize the complete schedule of the construction and this should take around 1 week. Finally, you should obtain the vital approvals and permits while still ensuring that you source the materials accordingly if this responsibility has been bestowed upon you. The timelines for doing this always tend to vary.

  • Demolition

All the things that will remain intact should be protected with plastic or warp. This exercise should not exceed around 5 hours all based on the size of the bathroom and the general extent of your bathroom renovation project. Sometimes, structural beams to support the new fixtures are also installed at this stage and they often extend the amount of time used in demolition to around 2 days.

  • Plumbing and Electrical Work

After the space has been stripped down accordingly, the plumber commences his rough in of the various plumbing points whereas the electrician does his wiring for his electrical tasks and this takes around 1 to 2 days.

  • Sign Offs and Inspections

This is crucial in case you need permits prior to the closure of the walls. Ordinarily, this would only take an hour or two but the actual scheduling takes several days and sometimes weeks.

  • Tiling Preparation

This entails straightening and strengthening the walls. New windows, doors and the tiling bed are installed at this point. The tiling bed ought to be dry prior to the waterproofing in the next level. This only takes a day or two.

  • Sheeting

This entails sheeting the walls and the ceilings and it only takes a single day.

  • Waterproofing and Tiling

Waterproofing creates a tighter water seal and this takes 2 to 3 days. Tiling takes around 5 days. The finishing of the tiles entails grouting and applying silicon at the vital joints. It takes a day or two.

  • Painting and Trims

This is done after the installation of timber architraves. The door and the ceiling are also painted and this takes a day.

  • Final Plumbing and Electrical Fitting

This entails installing the basin, toilet and taps whilst finishing the drainage floor. The electrician installs the fittings and switches among others and this takes a day for the plumber and electrician respectively.

  • Accessories

Accessories may include the rails, mirrors, holders, shower screen and hooks and it is done in the end. The final cleaning follows this and it takes just a day.

The average time used to remodel a small bathroom is ideally 23 days if all everything proceeds as ordinarily planned. The amount of time consumed also depends on whether the work is to be done on weekends and if it is done uniformly without breaks. The bathroom size is also a determiner.

Realistically, in a world full of unexpected scenarios, which arise and manifest invariably, the bathroom renovation could last for a whopping 6 to 9 weeks. It is imperative for you to be ready for the unexpected and be wary of other unwarranted circumstances.