Is Converting A Bath To A Shower Easy?

Soaking in a warm, scented bath at the end of the day can be incredibly relaxing. It is a pity that most of us are so caught up in our fast-paced lives that we cannot find time to luxuriate in the bath. Even though we love the idea of having a tub, it becomes apparent that showers are more practical for daily use. 

If you already have a bathtub installed, it might take some time and effort to convert it into a shower. The process is not simple, but it is definitely possible with the help of the right people.


Once you decide to go ahead with the conversion, you have to come up with a suitable shower design for your family.

Elegant bathroom with a mahogany stained vanity

Take both present and future lifestyle needs into account because replacing the tub with a shower will be a long-term investment. If you plan to resell the house in the future, you should note that most homebuyers prefer properties with at least one bathtub. In case you have just one bathtub in the entire house, and that is the one you are planning to replace, you might want to rethink the situation based on your priorities.

For the bathtub-to-shower conversion to commence, you have to choose the shower style and fixtures you prefer. Make sure that they match your aesthetic but also fit into the budget.

Advantages of a shower over a bathtub

Showers offer quite a few benefits that bathtubs do not.

  • You will find it much easier to get in and out of a shower than in a bathtub. If mobility is a concern for you, showers are a better choice.
  • When you are replacing a bathtub, you will have the opportunity to install a large and luxurious shower.
  • You will have space to install a bench to store your toiletries and sit down if necessary.
  • Walk-in showers can modernize and elevate your bathroom space instantly. Bathtubs tend to look outdated in urban living spaces.

Conversion Process

You can hire somebody to help you convert the bathtub into a shower, or you can attempt it yourself as a DIY project. The following steps will simplify the process:

1. Decide the placement and the spacing

When converting a tub to a walk-in shower, you have to figure out the best place to install the shower. Ideally, the new shower should be installed in the spot of the bathtub so that it can access the e drain lines and water supply with ease. You will not have to fuss about moving the plumbing, which will save you a significant amount of money because you will not need a plumber.

2. Find a suitable design

There are different types of walk-in shower designs available, and you can choose the one that fits your aesthetic, lifestyle and budget. You can find a square corner, round corner or alcove showers to replace the bathtub. You can also choose between curbed or curbless. In curbed showers, the shower pan creates a full enclosure, and you have to step in over low curbs to enter the shower. On the other hand, the shower pan sits flush with the floor in curbless showers, and there are no enclosures.   

3. Removing the tiles and wall sections

To set your bathtub free, you have to remove the drywall and tiles around it. You have to prepare the area to simplify the bathtub removal. Make sure that the floor is covered with plywood if you want to prevent tile damage.

4. Get rid of the old bathtub

You have to remove all nails and screws that connect the tub to the wall studs before disengaging it. You can pry it away from the wall with the help of a prybar. You can also cut through the tub using a jigsaw so that it is easier to remove the two smaller halves. Repair any drywall that you had to remove before installing the new shower.

5. Set up the shower

If you are following a shower stall kit, this process will be easy for you. In case you need help, you will be able to hire a helper at an affordable price.

Few people regret the choice of converting their bath into a shower because they begin to enjoy the benefits immediately. If you are hesitant about the decision, make a list of pros and cons to figure out the more suitable option for your lifestyle. It is important to decide after careful consideration because the conversion cannot be undone.