5 Functional Seats For Your Accessible Shower

shower seat

Adding function and comfort is a great idea when designing an accessible bathroom for the elderly or people with mobility issues. One of the ways you can make this work is by having a luxury shower seat. It is also important to know that there are endless design options for shower seats whose level of comfort may vary depending on your needs. There is always an art to getting the right shower seating that not only works best for your stall but also the user.

There are many benefits of having a luxury shower seat in an accessible bathroom. Besides providing great comfort in the shower, it also offers a resting point for leg shaving and allows easier access to the toiletries. In this article, we will be looking at five luxury shower seating options for a beautiful and accessible bathroom.

1. Floating Shower Bench

A floating shower bench is open underneath but is firmly secured to the shower walls. It can either be made from a single slab of stone or from treated wood. Although these structures may look simple in form, a lot of engineering is involved, which requires the assistance of seasoned professionals. More support can be added underneath the bench depending on the material used. Another trending design is tiling the floating shower bench to match the rest of the shower. Most designs are often installed as a single piece of stone that appears to be floating. It works well for an accessible bathroom that has limited space since it can be customized for both long and corner benches.

2. Fold-Down Bench

A fold-down bench was purposely designed to save on space in the shower. They are usually installed between stud walls to provide the highest efficiency. It is important to select the right shape and material that can accommodate the required weight for support. A fold-down bench is a good choice for accessible bathrooms because it provides a user with relaxation and comfort. Besides its aesthetic beauty, it gives a luxurious feeling and spa-like experience in a shower.

3. Built-In Bench

If you are more concerned about your weight, you might consider installing a built-in shower bench because of its high durability. It is framed into the floor and attached to the shower wall for maximum support. A lot of planning is required when designing this shower seating since your architect, contractor or designer has a major role to play from the start. It is protected by a waterproof membrane and other decorative surfaces that may vary depending on the material used. It is mostly built in a corner where you can easily access your toiletries but can also be installed on any side of the walls. You can choose a rounded, squared or triangular built-in bench to complement the look of your shower walls.

4. Transfer Bench with Back

This type of shower seat can help you transition in and out of the shower without the risk of slipping or falling. A transfer bench is not only light in weight but is also easy to assemble and supports a generous amount of weight. It helps to boost your privacy in the bathroom since you can use it when the shower curtain is closed. Some designs may feature a wide seat, back support, handgrips, and rubberized feet. This promotes dignity and self-confidence for the elderly and people with mobility issues as they can do most of the cleaning tasks by themselves.

5. Portable Shower Seats

Not every user may be comfortable using a permanent seat especially if they are managing a special condition. A shower chair with rolling wheels makes things easier by enhancing your mobility in the bathroom. This implies that you can move about or access toiletries easily without relying on a permanent shower seat for support. It distinguishes itself from other designs by the use of rubberized wheels designed with locking mechanisms. When purchasing a portable shower seat, it is a good idea to choose one made with moisture-resistant materials such as plastic, bamboo, and resin. This helps to prevent any chances of rot or moisture that may cause extensive damage to the structure.

The size of your shower determines the most appropriate shower seating option to suit your needs. It is also essential to keep your desired function in mind, which will provide the necessary comfort and function. The shower seat should also be adjusted to the right height and depth according to the needs of the user. All these features are ideal for an accessible bathroom as they work together to add function and provide comfort to the elderly and people with mobility issues.