Does a Walk In Shower Add Value to a House?

With our lives getting busier at a pace that is ever increasing, people living in urban areas find it difficult to install baths because of the limited space in their bathrooms and high cost of living. Instead of waiting for a tub to fill with hot water, it takes a few minutes for the shower to heat water that is only used when needed. A walk-in shower comes with additional features that promote the safety of users to reduce the risk of falls and injuries in the bathroom. This article discusses whether walk-in showers add value to a house and whether it is a necessity for accessible bathrooms.

Factors That Influence the Decision of a Potential Homebuyer

  • Families with Young Children

A home that has a walk-in shower may reduce the appraisal and intrinsic value of a home for families with young children. Young families always look for homes that have at least one bathtub where they can bathe their children. It is the most convenient way for bathing a child because it offers a safe and confined space to sit while washing, and minimizes the chances of getting soaked in the process.

  • Elderly Homebuyers

Unlike families with young children, elderly homebuyers have a different perspective when looking at the features of a bathroom. Many seniors have difficulties climbing over the edge of a bathtub as it increases the risk of accidental falls. A walk-in shower is more preferable for the elderly as they can easily sit on a chair while showering and maneuver the bathroom without the risk of falls. A house with a walk-in shower will likely sell at a higher price for elderly homebuyers who prefer walk-in showers to walk-in tubs.

  • Bathroom Configuration

A walk-in shower with multiple baths may not lower the appraisal value of a home compared to a house with only a single bathroom. The sale listings of real estate group baths under standard descriptions such as full, half, and three-quarter baths. An appraiser uses these standard descriptions to determine the financial value of a home. A full bath comprises a shower, bathtub, toilet, and sink. A three-quarter bath features a shower in the place of a tub. The overall value of your house may vary depending on each appraiser as they rank shower stalls less valuable compared to homes with a full bathroom.

How a Walk-In Shower Can Add Value to a House

There are many different configurations of walk-in showers that are designed to meet the needs of every user or housing situation. Much of the remodeling suggested for an elderly bathroom is directed towards safety as it may feature low step height for entry, contoured built-in seating, anti-slip flooring, and ADA-compliant overall design. A walk-in shower may add value to your house depending on several factors such as the materials used, the overall design and individual preference.

For instance, a heated tile floor and a steam shower will offer more value than a standard walk-in shower installed with laminate floors. Luxury tiles or flooring may be expensive to install compared to laminate flooring but may not offer the same look and functionality. The best way to save on costs is to have an idea of what goes into the remodeling process because it influences the overall value of your house in the real estate market. Many homebuyers do not want overly ornate bathroom fixtures or mirrors, but rather simple and nice clean lines.

Modern Bathrooms with Walk-In Showers

A bathroom featuring a high-end walk-in shower offers a higher financial value in a shower-only home. They offer barrier-free access and more space for handicapped residents compared to traditional showerheads that have been installed over bathtubs. High-end walk-in shower installations feature rain showerheads, grab bars, shower seats, and multiple showerheads that are located at different levels on the walls. This type of shower enclosure increases the appraisal value of a home when completed in a style that complements the overall décor of the house.

You can expect to get high returns by installing a walk-in shower as long as you keep everything neat, clean, and neutral. The ultimate value of any home depends on the overall decision of a homebuyer. A shower stall in place of a bathtub may have a significant impact on the value of a home in the eyes of the real estate agents and appraiser. However, potential homebuyers look for features that meet their personal needs before moving into a new home and a walk-in shower may just be what they are looking for.