How Much Does It Cost To Add A Bathroom To A Home?

A bathroom addition will cost you, but it will also add value to your home. What you need to know is how best to build a bathroom, the factors that influence your costs, and how best to ensure you get top resale value.

A bathroom remodel will net you a healthy return on investment, but an extra bathroom will attract far more buyers. According to, you can expect to recoup around 50% of your bathroom addition costs.

You might want to take a look at properties in your area because if your home has two bathrooms while everyone else has three, then inaction will also impact your home value. Whether you do or you don’t, it could be a dealbreaker.

The Cost

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There are a variety of factors that influence bathroom addition costs. You should make yourself aware of potential costs before you embark on your renovation journey. It is always wise to hold back a portion of your budget to deal with any surprises that may pop up in the building process.

  • Are you renovating an existing space such as a cupboard or closet? Or is it a full addition?
  • Are you adding a half-bath, full-bath, or opting for a three-quarter bath?
  • Is an existing plumbing stack nearby?
  • Are you looking for mid-range or high-end fixtures and finishings?

A midrange bathroom addition will cost almost $60,000, while an upscale one could cost you over $100,000. If you’re adding a suite to your master bedroom, then you could be looking at over $300,000! Ultimately, the cost will depend on the size of the addition, the quality of goods and materials that you choose, as well as the plumbing stack situation. You will also have to factor in labor costs, which vary depending on where you live. Again, once you start moving plumbing lines or opening walls, you may find surprises that require immediate attention.

The Location

If you are adding an extra bathroom upstairs then the cost will be influenced by whether there is an existing bathroom and where it is located. An existing bathroom means less plumbing work than a floor without one, but the cost will depend on how far that line is from the new addition. Additionally, you would need a plumber to confirm whether the pipes are large enough to supply two bathrooms. If the existing pipes are not fit for purpose, then you would require brand new pipes large enough to supply two bathrooms and that is going to increase the cost of your project considerably.

Likewise, if you are simply converting an existing space into a bathroom it will be cheaper as the framing is in place. Whereas, a brand new room requires framing which comes at an additional cost.

What about adding a bathroom to your garage? It is likely to be similar in cost to anywhere else in your home. However, it’s unlikely to repay your investment. Quite simply, most potential buyers aren’t looking for a bathroom in the garage. If it’s something you value and believe you will use, then you should go for it. It doesn’t always have to be about resale value. If you do proceed with a garage bathroom, make it an add-on rather than downsizing the parking/storage space. An addition that shrinks your garage could negatively impact your home’s value.

Additional Factors

A half-bath is what you may know as a powder room, it contains only a sink and a toilet. The best location for this type of addition is on the ground floor. Guests can find the restroom easily and you don’t need to worry about anyone wandering upstairs.

A three-quarter bath offers a sink, toilet, and shower. In older homes, you may find a three-quarter bath that contains no shower but does have a tub.

A full bath, of course, contains a shower/tub combo, sink, and a toilet as well. If you have the space and budget for a full bath addition, then you should go for it because that is going to provide the most resale value.

The size you choose may depend on your budget, but it should also be based on comparable homes in the local area. You have to balance your needs, home size, and resale value. If it’s a ground-floor bathroom addition, then a powder room could be ideal. In contrast, an additional bathroom upstairs should offer a bathing space of some sort.

Always have a contingency budget because with any renovation job you have to expect the unexpected.