What Design is Best for Elder Bathroom

Handicapped Disabled Access Bathroom

Read on for thoughtful bathroom options that will make the bathroom safe and accessible for seniors and to know what design is best for an elder bathroom. Below are some of the best designs for elder bathrooms. Creative Universal Design Universal design is the concept of making a space that is used by anybody, including … Read more

Pros and cons of walk-in tubs that you should know

master bathroom in newly constructed luxury home

Safety Features It is recommended to older people to remodel their bathrooms into a safety-first location. Over one-third of adults over age 65 fall, every year and over 80% of those falls are in the bathroom. Walk-in tubs offer an array of features designed to decrease falls. These involve built-in handrails, an ADA compliant overall … Read more

Can my regular tub be converted to walk-in tub?

walk in tub

This tub is a bathtub that is used for the same purpose as a regular tub. However, the design of this tub can provide you a convenient bathing experience for people who are older. Walk-in tubs frequently look the same as traditional bathtubs but come with a watertight door built into the side and involve … Read more

5 Ways to Avoid Fall Risks in the Bathroom

The bathroom is a dangerous place because it is usually wet and slippery. This creates a perfect condition for slips and falls. You might trip and fall while navigating around your bathroom, or when getting in and out of the shower or bathtub. Such falls are quite dangerous and might cause harm to your body. … Read more

12 Bathroom Accessories to Complete Your Space

A successful bathroom remodel is all about the details. Sure, selecting the right tiles, lighting and vanity are essential, but useful accessories are what set your renovated bathroom apart. Take your space from ordinary to extraordinary with these 12 bathroom accessories. Shower caddy and bathtub tray: Cut the clutter with a hanging caddy or built-in … Read more