The Pros and Cons of a Walk-in Shower

Master bathroom with walk-in shower

Some people are bathtub people, while others love a luxurious shower. A walk-in shower can create the impression that the bathroom is much bigger. Additionally, it can make your bathroom look sleek and modern.¬† There are many things that homeowners will consider when it comes to deciding whether they intend to maintain a bathtub with … Read more

What Design is Best for Elder Bathroom

Handicapped Disabled Access Bathroom

Read on for thoughtful bathroom options that will make the bathroom safe and accessible for seniors and to know what design is best for an elder bathroom. Below are some of the best designs for elder bathrooms. Creative Universal Design Universal design is the concept of making a space that is used by anybody, including … Read more

How Much Does It Cost To Install a Walk In Shower?

walk in shower with vinyl walls and glass shower doors

They come in two types; clear and decorated (frosted, tinted, or textured). They can run from the floor to the ceiling or they can run to about two-thirds of the height. A clear frameless door goes about $900 while the decorated one goes at about $50sq.ft. Surround Surround means any material that is used to … Read more

What is The Average Walk-In Shower Size?

The average size of a walk-in shower is 1700mm by 700mm (L x W). However, experts recommend increasing the width of your walk-in shower if possible, as it makes it more spacious and allows for a comfortable showering experience. Large and luxurious walk-in showers can be customized in a wide range of dimensions based on … Read more

Does a Walk In Shower Add Value to a House?

With our lives getting busier at a pace that is ever increasing, people living in urban areas find it difficult to install baths because of the limited space in their bathrooms and high cost of living. Instead of waiting for a tub to fill with hot water, it takes a few minutes for the shower … Read more

What is a Barrier-Free Shower Base?

A barrier-free shower base is a comfortable, safe, and convenient option for a bathroom remodel. It is leak-proof, has a slip-resistant surface, and very low thresholds for easy access. The materials used to create a barrier-free shower base makes it a hygienic alternative to other bathroom flooring options. It can be combined with marble, ceramic … Read more