Why are Showers Safer than Tubs for Senior Citizens?

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Showers are frequently regarded as safer than tubs for elderly individuals due to several vital factors that cater to their specific requirements and potential challenges. As individuals age, they may experience diminished mobility, balance issues, and an increased risk of falling. Showering, in contrast to using a bathtub, presents numerous safety advantages that address the … Read more

4 Causes of a Smelly Shower

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Showers are usually a relaxing aspect of an individual’s day. After a long, stressful day at work, you can’t think of anything better than getting into the shower and letting the water take all your stress away. However, there is also the other side to showers where they can be quite embarrassing. Common causes of … Read more

How To Find The Best Showerhead

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Did you know that the average shower lasts for about eight minutes? If you shower every day, that adds up to about an hour every week! If you have the best shower head you can find, then that can be an hour of pleasant bliss. On the other hand, if there is something wrong with … Read more

Are Shower Panels a Good Idea?

Shower panels are just bigger showerheads that assume the place of your currently existing showerhead. They are some few feet tall and their width could just be a foot wide. The panels entail several body sprayers and multiple showerheads, which are set up on the top, the side or on the surface. They therefore entail … Read more

5 Ways to Update the Bathroom to Allow for Proper Aging in Place

With the progression and advancement of age, falls and other difficulties in the bathroom become much more prevalent for older and aging seniors. Water puddles and rugs among other things make the bathroom very accident-prone. Fortunately, this can be easily remedied by making significant alterations to the bathroom. The bathroom can be updated to become … Read more

5 Stylish Options for In-Shower Seating

Whether it is an in-built bench or a portable stool, a shower seat has numerous benefits, especially when used in a walk-in shower. It allows the user to access toiletries easily, offers a resting point for leg shaving, and most importantly, enables individuals with mobility issues to shower with ease. Adding in-shower seating has numerous … Read more

How Shower Seats Enhance Safety and Comfort

Shower seats can make your shower safer and reduce your risk of falling. They come in many styles, with features to suit a variety of needs. Wooden wall-mount, fold-down shower benches are functional and attractive. A transfer bench with a back can be quite heavy-duty and easy to assemble. If all you need is a … Read more

Is a Shower or Tub Best for You?

On the other hand, bathtubs can be tricky for people with limited mobility. Getting in or out of a bathtub can be difficult for older people and people with injuries or disabilities. Bathtubs also require more resources than showers. They take up a lot of space, use more water than showers, and require a water … Read more