What is the Best Material for a Bathroom Vanity?

Luxury bathroom design with Marble shower Surround and mosaic accent tiles.

This, therefore, leads us to the question, if the price was not an issue and a major factor, which is the best material for a bathroom vanity? The following is a comparative analysis of the several types of materials used for a bathroom vanity and this information should help to you establish the most fitting … Read more

How to Fix a Leaky Bathroom Sink

A leaky sink can be very hard to notice, especially in the bathroom, because most people barely look under this area on a regular basis. This can be a very damaging type of leak because the water usually has nowhere to go but onto your bathroom floor. If left unrecognized, a leaky bathroom sink can … Read more

When to Replace Your Bathroom Vanity

A bathroom vanity is an essential part of any bathroom whether it is in the kids’ bathroom or master bathroom. It provides enough storage space, houses the sink and offers a place to set the toiletries. A good bathroom vanity distinguishes the overall style of a room, which gives you enough reasons to keep them … Read more

Best Way to Unclog a Bathroom Sink

It is common to experience stopped-up or slow-moving drains in bathroom sinks. This problem is usually caused by gummy soap scum or strands of hair that get trapped on the pivot rod or stopper, thus clogging the bathroom sink. Although bathroom sinks come in many designs, they almost have a similar drain system meant to … Read more

Benefits of Installing a New Bathroom Vanity

Improved organization: With drawers, shelves and cabinets in all the right places, you’ll have plenty of room to store your toiletries out of sight. More counter space: Look forward to stress-free mornings with more counter space to accommodate your hair care products, makeup and more. Better lighting: With a new vanity often comes new light … Read more