7 Reasons to Remove Your Existing Bathroom and Start Over!

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Outmoded Design: Should your present bathroom be trapped in a time warp, with antiquated fixtures, colors, and overall design, it might be time to extract it and embark on a fresh endeavor. A contemporary and visually captivating bathroom can substantially augment the aesthetic value of your abode and establish a more enjoyable space.Example: Your bathroom might … Read more

How To Maximize Storage Space In A Small Bathroom

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Unless you’re fortunate enough to have a large, luxury bathroom remodeled by Bath Planet New Jersey, space is usually at a premium in a standard bathroom – especially in an older home when a tub/shower, vanity, toilet, bar of soap, and towels were the only things you’d find in a bathroom of the past. Today, … Read more

5 Best Smart Bathroom Products

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Smart bathrooms are becoming more popular over the years thanks to the quality of life improvements they offer. Many cool smart bathroom gadgets are more hygienic than their standard counterparts, and they conserve water which saves you money on your monthly water bill. While there are many to choose from, here are five cool smart … Read more