How to Keep Aging Bathrooms Looking Clean

Cleaning. Cleaning in the bathroom. A woman wipes the sink and washbasin faucet.

In the course of time, bathrooms become harder and harder to clean as they age. Whether it’s the mildew and water stains that build up over time or the old, hard-to-clean materials, years of daily use can take quite a toll on older bathrooms. The truth of the matter is that while you can spend … Read more

Is Shower Mold Dangerous?

Cleaning the joint mold on the tiles

Showers are perfect breeding grounds for mold. Mold thrives in damp areas with poor ventilation. These conditions are often found in bathrooms. Mold needs adequate moisture, oxygen, food, and the right temperature. In these conditions, mold will grow and reproduce by releasing spores, which are microscopic cells that act as seeds.  When people use the … Read more

Four Easy Bathroom Cleaning Hacks

2. Toothbrush Holders This one is quite simple. Instead of scrubbing your toothbrush holder, place it on the top rack of your dishwasher and run a normal cycle. Be sure the toothbrush holder is dishwasher safe and not made of reactive metal or wood. 3. Bathroom Mirrors You might think shaving cream is a culprit … Read more