How To Make Windowless Bathrooms Look Brighter?

3d illustration of an interior design of a white minimalist bathroom

Do you have a bathroom without a window? You aren’t alone. Studies show that exposure to bright light in the morning can actually boost the body’s energy and help you improve your focus. Yet, many buildings don’t have enough windows, and in particular, bathrooms with windows – particularly for those who live in apartments. Unfortunately, … Read more

Which is The Best Bathroom Door?

These doors are very common and popular as they can be easily identified based on the square or rectangular patterns present on the doors. This door is famed and renowned for its versatility and its ability to match with the rest of the bathrooms décor. Barn Doors These doors are very trendy and they aid … Read more

What are the ADA Requirements for Bathrooms?

The American with Disability ACT of 1990 is a civil rights law meant to protect people with disabilities against discrimination. These guidelines and compliance requirements are not debatable; they must be applied, failure to which lawsuits can follow you. They apply in all local, municipal, state, federal, commercial and public buildings. This, therefore, means that … Read more

5 Ways to Update the Bathroom to Allow for Proper Aging in Place

With the progression and advancement of age, falls and other difficulties in the bathroom become much more prevalent for older and aging seniors. Water puddles and rugs among other things make the bathroom very accident-prone. Fortunately, this can be easily remedied by making significant alterations to the bathroom. The bathroom can be updated to become … Read more

How much does it Cost to Remodel a Bathroom?

A bathroom remodeling project requires careful planning before implementation of new ideas. This allows you to work on a specific budget while improving your home décor. The actual remodeling cost of a bathroom may vary depending on the type of renovation and the size of your bathroom. The price for partial remodeling may be lower … Read more

Is a Shower or Tub Best for You?

On the other hand, bathtubs can be tricky for people with limited mobility. Getting in or out of a bathtub can be difficult for older people and people with injuries or disabilities. Bathtubs also require more resources than showers. They take up a lot of space, use more water than showers, and require a water … Read more

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