What’s The Best Way To Clean A Vinyl Bathroom Floor?

Vinyl bathroom floors are quite trendy. They’re also durable and waterproof, which in turn, makes it low maintenance and easy to clean. But low maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance, and you still need to take care of your vinyl if you want it to last into the future.

Bathrooms can get messy. Of course, it’s the place where dirty feet walk constantly, dirty clothes are strewn across the floor, wet towels and mud accumulate … all for the purpose of getting your body clean.

But that extra dirt can cause problems with your vinyl, so you need to make sure you stay on top of the cleaning. The following tools and methods are highly recommended, simple ways you can keep your vinyl clean today, and your bathroom in good condition for years to come.

Slate texture vinyl flooring a popular choice for modern kitchens and bathrooms

What Makes Vinyl Bathrooms The Best

Vinyl bathroom floors are ideal for a number of reasons. They are available at affordable prices and have impressive features that fit well for a bathroom setting. Other benefits include:

Low maintenance: They are easy to maintain, and you generally just need to use a broom to sweep and mop. With regular mopping, it’s sure to stay as good as new for a long time. 

DIY Installation: You can easily install vinyl floors, and they’re also easy to replace in blocks should there be any damage. While tiles and other types of flooring need a professional to fix it, this can be done on your own. 

Can Withstand Humidity: Vinyl is water-resistant and can withstand humid conditions without causing warping of the floors. It’s one of the best vinyl flooring features in a bathroom; it’s natural for humid conditions to cause molds or swelling. 

Lasts Long: Apart from giving a great look to the bathroom, vinyl floorings can withstand heavy traffic without a dent. It also doesn’t get damaged due to moisture which is excellent for a bathroom. 

What Are The Tools Needed To Clean?

Vinyl floors don’t need heavy tools to clean them, but using the right tools is essential. You can choose to use the following tools for your bathrooms:

Brooms – Brooms are used to sweep the floor daily quickly, and it’s best to use them for light cleaning. You can also use a vacuum cleaner as it’s safe.

Spin/Spray Mops – Both spin and spray mops can remove the water on the floor and keep it clean. 

Water/cleaning liquid – whether you use chemicals is up to you, but there are other options available, and you’ll find them around the house. Keep reading.

Best Ways to Clean Vinyl Bathroom

You can go all out with heavy chemicals, or you can go natural. To be honest, natural cleaning is going to be just as effective and will help your vinyl floors last longer. Here are two solutions:

Soap and water 

The simplest way to clean is to use the basic soap and water combination. You need to remove the dirt first by sweeping and later use the mop to clean it with the solution. You can do it once in a week or two to ensure your vinyl bathroom does not look dingy. 

Apple Cider Vinegar

Vinegar is also a great option to clean vinyl bathrooms. You can use apple cider vinegar, mop it and rinse it. You can also use baking soda and water to clean the floors to remove hard stains completely. 

What Not to Do While Cleaning

Vinyl floors are easy to clean, but certain things to keep in mind before using specific tools and chemicals. You cannot use every other tool available in the market as it can damage the floor over time. 

Using Harsh chemicals

Never bleach or use high-pH detergents on vinyl floors. Don’t use ammonia either. It can discolor the floors or fade them and eventually damage them. You may have to replace it as the chemicals completely ruin the floors in one go. 

Using Sharp Tools 

Using sharp or heavy tools can cause a dent and might ruin your vinyl bathroom’s look. Avoid using sharp tools to clean the sides or stained areas. Instead, use a mop, add vinegar, and clean and rinse it every time you clean. 

Final Thoughts 

The best way to clean vinyl bathrooms is to mop them every day. If you’re unable to do it every day, you can simply go over it with a vacuum cleaner or broom to reduce the dirt. Use natural ingredients available at home and your vinyl bathroom floors will look pristine well into the future.