Which is The Best Bathroom Door?

Most homeowners usually negate bathroom doors and their varying requirements. They are not accorded the seriousness they deserve considering that they hugely contribute to the home’s interior design and general ambiance. Bathrooms are always designed for functionality reasons whereas the aesthetic appeal is just but a mere secondary option. Bathroom doors are very crucial as they perfectly avail functionality while also making the bathroom aesthetically pleasing. Often, you might be experiencing space constrains and excessive humidity hence necessitating choosing a bathroom door that is sturdy, moisture-resistant, natural and one that matches perfectly with the overall outlook and feel of your home.

There is no definitive answer concerning the best bathroom door since there are many unique doors with distinct pros and cons. This article discusses the various types available from which you can choose the best option.

  • Panel Doors

These doors are very common and popular as they can be easily identified based on the square or rectangular patterns present on the doors. This door is famed and renowned for its versatility and its ability to match with the rest of the bathrooms décor.

  • Barn Doors

These doors are very trendy and they aid to bring some more comfort and warmth to any room hence they inclusively also do the same to any given bathroom. They are available in many colors and designs and this ensures that they can match the décor and color scheme of your bathroom.

  • Stained Glass Doors

They can be employed as part of the design of the whole door hence rendering a very special and unique outlook. This glass door gives you many options as you can decide to have a panel equal to the entire length of the door or simply use several tiny options specifically arranged to give you the pattern that you want.

  • Pocket Doors

These doors are trying to penetrate the market as they are gradually gaining traction after being under the radar for quite some time. They stand out and hold their own thus easily distinguishable and fitting for use in a bathroom. The doors help you save on space as they slide into the wall instead of swinging open.

  • Glass Panel Doors

These doors usually have glass in the panel and you can decide the number of panels you want in the door and the way they ought to be arranged based on your preference. Most people usually want to have the door designed in a way that curtains can be used to cover the entire glass part.

  • French Doors

These doors have hinges on the sides of the door from which the door is hanged. They swing and meet in the middle hence creating a very stunning look. They are versatile, meaning they can be used in different styles. However, many homeowners still do not prefer them. People who opt for these doors are willing to gamble and take the dreaded risk thus ensuring that the doors gunner some proper attention.

  • Sliding Panel Doors

They are ideal and fitting for tiny bathrooms with very limited floor space. It is safe to say that they are not as popular as the aforementioned simple panel doors since they often require a very huge opening. These doors do not swing but they are still great for people who do not prefer doorknobs. They are great if you want something unique but still not exemplary and mind-blowing. Therefore, in case you do not prefer something extraordinary for one reason or another, sliding panel doors are just perfect for you.

  • Frosted Glass Doors

There is a wide array of frosted glass designs and these doors can open and close in different ways. These doors avail a very great and delicate balance between having an open bathroom while still ensuring that you enjoy the privacy that you desperately desire. Frosted glass is a very common material hence you should not be too wary and hesitant while deciding whether to use it or not.

Based on the foregoing, it is clear that there are many types of doors. Among all the aforementioned, panel doors look very plain and natural hence they are ideal for people who prefer simplicity. For those who want sophistication, French and barn doors are the best fit. Besides the beauty and appeal, it is, therefore, crucial to consider what materials have been used. This is to ensure whether the door can be able to withstand moisture thus making it quite sturdy. Although it is not possible to determine the perfect door for your bathroom, you can still analyze the aforementioned doors and select the best one based on your needs.