A Beginner’s Guide to Remodeling a Bathroom on Your Own

Remodeling your bathroom is one of the various ways you can smarten up your home. However, it is very important to strategically plan and have a proper outline of how you will undertake this task. Going the DIY route with a good plan will save you a lot of money, which could otherwise be expended on labor costs that mostly amount to at least 20% of the dedicated budget. This article gives a proper step-by-step guide explaining how you can undertake bathroom remodeling on your own.

  • Preparation for the DIY Remodel

You should already be aware of the design that completely matches your style and preference. This entails choosing a certain color scheme and any other necessary fixtures that might be needed as they highly affect your budget. It is also very vital for you to be fully aware of where the utilities are situated and this ensures that you will not spend a fortune later towards this avoidable repairs. More so, it is crucial to figure out the alternative cabinets that will amply replace the lost storage space.

  • Identifying the Various Tools

Several tools are necessary for the bathroom DIY remodeling. This includes gloves, hammer, hacksaw, chisel, bucket, sealant, drill, pry bar and goggles among others. If your budget is somehow strained, you can opt to rent some of these tools at your local improvement store. This is done at a very small cost.

Step-by-Step Bathroom Remodel

  1. Demolishing the Fixtures

You should commence by removing the fixtures and the drywall that you are replacing. It is important for you to remove the toilet in order to avoid any possible spills. You should remove the bath tile and cover the tub, as this will aid you later when installing the plumbing to ensure that it properly fits your new shower design.

  1. Installing the New Tub or Shower

Gutting the bathroom is consequently followed by the installation of the new fixtures. You must select the basin which fits your space and also matches your tiles, flooring and decor. You can opt for a square or rectangular shape. In case you have ample space, you can install both the shower and the tub together. Any damage emanating from water or rot should be repaired before installing the new shower.

  1. Installing New Fixtures

This entails the new cabinets and vanities. You can vary the wiring by making the necessary adjustments in order to ensure that your new fixtures fit appropriately. For this step, you should consider involving an electrician if you have never undertaken this kind of work before. The electrician should ensure that the power outlets are well aligned with the cabinets and the installed vanities.

  1. Laying the Tiles

This is a very vital step in any bathroom remodel. You should use some chalk line to mark lines for reference purposes before removing the grouting. The marking should be done at an angle of 90 degrees and this ensures that the tiles are laid appropriately without any crookedness.

  1. Hanging Drywall

This is the next step and it is cumbersome as you have to make sure that the drywall is properly hanged to fit the vanity and other fixtures. This is followed by painting, which is relatively easy. It is always advisable to use mold resistant paint as you try to give your bathroom a new look.

  1. Installing Cabinets and Vanity

You should commence with the vanity. This is followed by linking up the drain to the faucet. After this is completed, you can now proceed to installing the mirror and the cabinets.

  1. Final Touches on the Plumbing

You should do this as the last task in order to ensure that you do not chip the toilet while undertaking the aforementioned undertakings.

  1. Installing the Trim

This is important as it gives the bathroom some much needed detail in order to make the bathroom appear very stylish and complete.

This article has outlined a systematic process that you should follow in case you want to remodel the bathroom on your own. It is arduous and cumbersome but you should do it with meticulous care to ensure that there is attention to detail. Adherence to this process guarantees you some proper outcome where you ultimately save on costs, which could have been alternatively spent on labor and related undertakings. Despite this, the process can be quite overwhelming and even if you do it, you might not have the expertise to do everything properly. This is why you should consider hiring the services of a professional bathroom remodel service.