Should I Replace My Only Bathtub With a Shower?

Converting your only bathtub to a shower is a financial commitment that most real estate agents are not willing to undertake in an attempt to preserve marketability. However, as a homeowner, you need to make certain decisions based on what you feel is best for your home and meets your expectations. It all comes down to your motives for replacing your tub with a shower and what impact it will have after the conversion. This article discusses whether you should replace your only bathtub with a shower.

Similarities between a Bathtub and a Shower

The decision to choose a shower over a bathtub can be a tough call since these two fixtures share several similarities. They are both sold in a variety of styles and come in multiple materials. For instance, bathtubs are available in a variety of styles such as whirlpool, soaking, freestanding, claw-foot, and standard.

Shower with glass door in modern fancy washroom
This means that you can upgrade your bathtub into a modern design if you want to change the look of your bathroom. On the other hand, showers come as stalls that are enclosed with curtains or doors and walk-in showers that offer a free-style entry. Tubs can be upgraded from affordable acrylic to luxurious enamel-coated cast iron, while showers can be in anything material such as fiberglass to expensive natural stone. Both a shower and a bathtub can offer therapeutic water flow options depending on your upgrades.

Reasons to Replace a Tub With a Shower

  • Age and Lifestyle

A gleaming walk-in shower can attract the attention of the right buyer because it is a feature that pushes them to make you an offer. Many adults are too busy for baths, which take a long time to fill with water and cleanup. This means that they will prefer taking showers before they start their day as it saves them time and monthly water bills. If you do not use your bathtub more often and prefer the convenience of using a shower, you will not necessarily find it a big deal losing the bathtub.

  • Type of Users

A bathtub may seem just right for a large family with children as they find it convenient to bathe their children in a tub rather than get soaked in the process under a shower. Pet owners may also make it a requirement for their new home to have a bathtub as it makes their grooming sessions easier. However, if you live in an area where bathtubs are less popular among single people or retirees, then converting it to a shower may not seem like a bigger risk.

  • You Already Have an Outdoor Hot Tub

There is more than enough reasons to go for a remodel if you have an outdoor hot tub that can be used for soaking and relaxation. It serves as a backup option in case you need to enjoy the benefits that come with a tub. An outdoor hot tub can also act as a selling point if there your future homebuyer would feel the urge to take a relaxing dip.

How Does It Affect Your Home’s Resale Value?

In real estate terms, replacing your only bathtub with a shower changes your bathroom from being a full bath to a three-quarter bath. A full bath is comprised of a tub, a shower, a sink, and a toilet while a three-quarter bath omits the tub. How this bathroom renovation affects the resale value of your home may vary depending on the balance between value and convenience. For instance, getting a good return on your investment may not be very important than the convenience you get from having a shower right now if you intend to live in your home for a long time.

On the contrary, switching from a bathtub to a shower could reduce the value of your home if you live in an area where people value a tub more than a shower. Eliminating the only full bathroom in your home could easily turn off potential homebuyers such as large families with children and pets who prefer a tub to a shower.

If your reasons for having a shower in your bathroom outweigh the need for a bathtub, then you can proceed with your remodeling project. Before you take the plunge, it is important to schedule an inspection or consultation with a licensed plumber. A good plumber can help you define some basic parameters such as the maximum shower stall size for your bathroom. It is also important to have an idea in mind as to where you intend to place the shower and your final expectations about the overall look of your bathroom.