Top Bathroom Tile Trends for 2022

There’s a reason that we turn to tile flooring in bathrooms. Not only is it a durable material, but it can hold up against all the moisture that builds up in the wettest room in the house. Tile is also one of the best flooring types for bathrooms because it is versatile design-wise, with a plethora of shapes, textures and colors that will fit any aesthetic you desire.

Those of us that lean toward bold tile patterns have often been told that it is not appropriate to use in smaller spaces. But that’s not the case! If you have a smaller bathroom, like a half bath, do not feel limited by what type of tile you can choose for your bathroom remodel. Just because it is a small space does not mean a bold choice will overwhelm the room! Tile can be used for flooring, serve as an accent piece on a single wall, or used to decorate just halfway up the bathroom wall.

Matte Finishes

The popularity of matte finish tiles follows us into the new year. They feature a soft but powerful beauty style that does not get too overwhelming. 

Stylish modern bathroom with light tiled walls and floor

An advantage of matte tiles is that they do not show smudges and watermarks as easily as glossy tiles. This makes them ideal for the bathroom floor, especially in busy bathrooms. The low sheen makes them easier to maintain. When installing matte finish tiles make sure there is enough lighting, both natural and artificial, as these tiles are not known for reflecting light.

Neutral Tiles

Contemporary designs make big use of neutral colors and this remains the case for 2022 bathroom tile trends. Bright colors such as blue, red, and yellow are not commonplace in the bathroom and should never make an appearance in your bathroom (in our professional opinion). Instead, homeowners are falling more in love with neutrals and especially nude neutrals such as grey and creams.  Grey and beige have become super popular as complementary neutrals.  So much so, that a new color has emerged by name and featured in product selections. So be on the lookout for “Greige”.

Wood Planks for Flooring

Wood planks are just beginning to make a splash in the marketplace. Non-traditional tile sizes have been getting popular for some time now. Most people are going larger overall, but with planking, you can customize the size. Most widths are 6″, but the lengths vary from 12″ to 48″ long. Allowing you to create ornate patterns such as herringbone.  While realistic wood-grained tiles are most common like oak, maple, & cherry; there are lots of other finishes available to make them seem distressed, weathered, or whitewashed.  Porcelain wood grain tiles are perfect for the bathroom since it offers greater stain and water resistance without sacrificing design aesthetics. The wood grain tiles only enhance the organic feel much needed in a bathroom space.  For a more compelling look, you could try mixing natural stone planks and other materials such as concrete with wood grains. This adds an unexpected but welcome style to your flooring.

Blooming Botanicals

Similar to the natural beauty of wood look tiles above, botanical prints are a major trend in bathroom design! From potted plants to create that ‘jungalow style’, or floral patterns for your wall treatments, there are so many stunning opportunities to infuse a sense of organic style into your interior. Of course, our favorite would have to be using flower tiles to create a sense of nature indoors!

Green Bathroom Tiles

Traditional, elegant, and unmistakably old-school, green tiles are making a comeback and are the latest of the bathroom tile trends in 2022. Whether it’s rich, emerald green, or soft, leafy sage, green bathroom tiles can be used to evoke calmness and serenity or deliver a bold style statement. Green has grounding and restorative qualities and with many of us looking to bring the outdoors in, green bathroom tiles are a step up from the millennial boom of housing and nurturing indoor plants. Our team can help provide an enchanting range of green porcelain tiles in all shades, tones, shapes and textures for your bathroom.

Choosing the right tiles for your bathroom can be quite a challenge. Whatever path the 2022 tile trends lead you down, Bath Planet New Jersey is ready to help you choose the colors, textures and tile styles that spark the most joy for your next bathroom renovation project. Get inspired and browse our digital showroom today!