Top 8 Bathroom Maintenance Tips You Should Know

The bathroom is one of the most important areas in our homes that deserves special attention considering the tasks we put it through each day. Although modern plumbing fixtures were designed to last for a long time, they cannot hold on for that long without proper cleaning and regular maintenance. Bathroom maintenance not only keeps your bathroom looking clean and sparkling but also extends the life of your bathroom fixtures. This article looks at the top maintenance tips that will help keep your bathroom in good shape and avoid any future problems.

  1. Use Drain Covers

Drain covers are often installed in sinks and bathtubs to block the flow of dirt, hair, and other particles. This helps to prevent the drain from clogging which costs both time and money to fix. It is important to clean the drain as well as the covering grill if water takes a long time to flow down the drain. You can also call in a professional if you need help unclogging the drain.

  1. Inspect Under the Sinks

Check under the sink for signs of leaks or moisture accumulation. Most leaks are caused by cracks in the connections or corroded pipes that can spread to the wood under the counter.

plum hole for the shower in the floor with a small mosaic
If this problem is not solved in time, it can result in mold growth and damage the foundation. It is crucial to repair connections promptly and replace damaged pipes to prevent this from happening.

  1. Clean Your Toilet

It might be unpleasant to clean your toilet but it is a task that needs to be done nevertheless. Pour cola, or a special liquid cleaner inside the toilet and give it time to soak through any dirt or bacteria before scrubbing it with a brush. Use warm soapy water to clean the seat, toilet cover, and the hinges. It is also important to ensure that any dripping taps are fixed to prevent lime scale build-up and stains.

  1. Check Your Grout and Sealant

The grout and sealant holding the tiles in a shower cubicle or over a bathtub require regular inspection. The grout usually cracks or wears over time due to constant exposure to moisture and heat from your hot baths and showers. Check to ensure that your grout and sealant are intact and do not show any signs of mold or mildew.

  1. Shower and Bathtub Maintenance

Deep clean your shower and bathtub at least once a week with mild detergent, hot water, and soft microfiber cloth. Once you are done, rinse with clean water and leave it dry to prevent the accumulation of moisture. Clean your showerhead regularly to remove accumulated lime scale. Avoid aggressive or abrasive cleaners on your bathtub as they can cause more damage than good.

  1. Faucet Maintenance

Whether you are washing your hands, taking a shower, or cleaning, it is necessary to keep your sources of water in good condition for a successful bathroom experience. The moving parts of your sink and bathtub faucets can wear down quickly so it is important to have them gradually tightened or replaced often than other plumbing parts in your bathroom. You need to fix any leaks as soon as possible to avoid costly future repairs.  Also, clean your faucet aerators to get rid of lime buildup or other sediments blocking the flow of water.

  1. Stay Organized

Organize your bathroom cabinets, towels, medical supplies, and other grooming kits so that you can access anything when you need it. A minimalist, clean style of organizing a bathroom can give it a serene look and restful feel. Your cleaning supplies should be accessible in a single basket for use during cleaning days. Storing extra supplies like toilet paper and towels in cabinets or boxes prevents them from getting wet and as a result, it reduces the risk of mold.

  1. Maintain a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Regular cleaning is necessary as it keeps your bathroom neat and tidy. It also reduces the time and effort required for maximum scrubbing or deep cleaning. A consistent cleaning schedule also helps you identify fixtures that need to be replaced and prevent small problems from escalating. Use a systematic cleaning pattern so that you can reduce the time and effort you spend during cleaning.

The frequency of bathroom cleaning and maintenance depends on how often you use your bathroom. All the maintenance tips discussed above not only leave a long-lasting impression but also extends the lifespan of your bathroom fixtures. You can save both time and money in the long run as long as you are consistent with your bathroom cleaning and maintenance schedule.