Bathroom Faucets – Why Quality Is Important

It is quite difficult to find a bathroom faucet that fits every basin or sink because they come in many varieties. There are lots of things you need to put into consideration when choosing your bathroom faucets since your final decision can either improve or ruin your décor. Understanding your needs will help strike a balance between your budget and the market prices. Keeping this in mind allows you to pick a faucet that suits the style of your bathroom and the configuration of your sink. This article looks into the importance of choosing quality bathroom faucets.

Things to look for in a Bathroom Faucet

Construction and Valve Type

The valve quality determines the durability and reliability of a bathroom faucet whether it comes with or without a washer. The inner valve helps control water flow being channeled through the spout. Some of the best choices include corrosion resistant, brass-based metal and solid brass workings. The compression-valve faucet is a common type of faucet that comes with a washer. The washerless faucets include ceramic disc faucets, cartridge faucets, and ball faucets.

Color and Finish

The color and finish on your bathroom faucet needs to blend well with other accessories and fixtures in your bathroom. If you want to simplify your cleaning, you will be better off with the resistant finishes. Some of the choices include gold, copper, polished chrome, antique brass, stainless steel, and brushed nickel.


Different types of faucets work for different types of sinks because they vary in terms of their mounting type. The drillings of a standard faucet can be widespread, single-hole or centerset. The wall-mounted faucets do not work well with basins designed with predrilled holes. They require a drain and a wall-mounted valve for installation. The vessels, on the other hand, are taller faucets that come as a single handle and sit higher than other types of sinks.


This includes the functional and aesthetic design of a bathroom faucet. The reach and shape of spout are some of the features you need to consider besides what appeals to you visually. The convenience features like hands-free options and pullout sprayers make the faucet more functional.

Benefits of Quality Bathroom Faucets

1. They are highly Durable

A quality bathroom faucet lasts much longer because the material used in its construction is highly durable. Most of them last for a lifetime because they require little effort to maintain their aesthetic design and functionality. Ceramic faucets can last for a duration of 25 to 30 years contrary to the rubber and cartridge type faucets, which have a short lifespan.

2. They offer high Versatility

The best bathroom faucets are properly designed to make it easier when making replacements. The old faucet models are difficult to replace since you are more likely to experience leaks even after repair. This may force you to remove the entire setup because it decreases the functionality of the faucet. A quality bathroom faucet is designed with parts that can be replaced easily in case of damage.

3. They are easy to Clean

Although you may have a faucet that has an appealing design, it is important to consider the ease of maintenance. Consider how frequently you will be using the bathroom and if it is easy to clean and maintain the finishes you choose to include in the décor. Quality bathroom faucets can be cleaned easily while still maintaining their overall appeal and unique design.

4. Deliver the right Water Pressure

A quality faucet delivers the right amount of water pressure based on the handles. Mixer faucets are designed with a single sprout but the temperature and flow of water can be controlled by one or two separate handles. The water pressure depends on whether you have an unvented hot water system, a gravity-fed water system or a combined boiler that delivers hot water to the taps.

5. They help protect the Valve

Corrosion is one of the major factors that shorten the lifespan of a bathroom faucet. A quality bathroom faucet prevents any chances of wear out or corrosion since the interior disc seats is meant to protect the water valve from any damage. Poor quality not only compromises the lifespan but also the safety of the water flowing from your bathroom faucet.

The style and color of your faucets determine the finishing touch you give to a bathroom. Besides the visual appeal, it is important to consider the material used in your bathroom faucet as it significantly impacts its durability and functionality. Understanding the basics will help you make an informed decision on the type of bathroom faucet you need for your new bathroom or a remodeling project.