Are Shower Panels a Good Idea?

Shower panels are just bigger showerheads that assume the place of your currently existing showerhead. They are some few feet tall and their width could just be a foot wide. The panels entail several body sprayers and multiple showerheads, which are set up on the top, the side or on the surface. They therefore entail a whole system with fixtures that can be simply mounted on your shower wall. Shower panels are deemed a good and fitting idea due to varying reasons. This article looks at exactly that.

  • They Occupy Minimal Space

Shower panels help to enhance and maximize the space of the bathroom. This can be attributed to the fact that they are essentially designed to be specifically mounted on the wall thus ultimately according you more space to work with. They can be very good even for a tiny or small bathroom because they mostly deal with height and not width. For people who have an existing shower space already, the shower panels can also be installed and mounted on that space.

  • Water Efficiency

Shower panels use less water than ordinary shower systems since they use a plumbing system of just a single showerhead. They are therefore instrumental in subsidizing water bills hence sparing you the ultimate hassle of upgrading or replacing your existing water heater.

  • Wide Array of Styles and Sizes

Shower panels come in different styles, sizes and designs that you can select and use to match with your bathroom. They are very popular due to their accompanying features such as rainfall and shower heads. This also includes body jets, which are usually used for massaging hence rendering this shower panels ideal.

  • Economical and Cost Effective

They are quite cheap to purchase and install as compared to ordinary shower systems. The panels are therefore quite affordable when acquired as just a single unit. Their installation is cheap and less invasive. Any possible upgrades are also cheap in the long term.

  • Ease of Replacement

In case of any potential damage, shower panels can be readily replaced without the need for essential bathroom aesthetics. You can install the shower panels by yourself, as they do not entail any major technical problems. In short, you do not need to worry about replacements in case of potential damage and this is one of the perks of the panels which renders them quite fitting.

  • Simple Cleaning and Maintenance

They are relatively easy to clean with the use of water and a simple piece of soft clothing. Maintenance is also undemanding in order to keep mold at bay and this is attained through regular cleaning thus leaving the shower panels spotless and clean.

  • Proper for All Types of Bathrooms

Shower panels are quite suitable as they fit like a glove in any given kind of bathroom. Some huge or massive space is therefore not essential for the installation of the shower panels. They are a very good idea for bathing purposes and for making the bathroom seem very classy and elegant. You can have a shower panel fitted into any bathroom size remodel ranging from your basic DIY project to a sizeable and entire bathroom renovation.

  • Speed

Shower panels are a better proposition compared to some other options such as tiling. They are quite fast to install because they cover more space and this eventually results to highly reduced costs of installation. All the work can be completed in a day since you do not have to wait for any grout or adhesives to dry completely.

Despite these advantages, some shower panels have designs that do not allow you to change the showerhead. This is because their showerhead is fixed hence it cannot be changed.

The foregoing clearly illustrates why shower panels have gained traction and popularity in recent times. They have become a very common bathroom accessory, which can be readily found in the current market. You can therefore find a shower panel that will fit your bathroom hence rendering it quite a decent idea. The aforementioned pointers depict that the pros really outweigh the cons hence making the shower panels a very good option for a simple variation of your bathroom. We can hence conclude that shower panels can give you an exemplary shower experience. This also includes when you do not have ample room as they avail a performance and functionality of a large shower. Their benefits are unrivalled, making them a good idea for anyone looking to install them in their bathroom.