Are Bathtub Liners the Best Option for You?

A bathtub is a place you can slide in and take a slow hot shower as you unwind after a long day. However, this cannot be achieved if you have an old and rusty bathtub or wall surround. Since bathroom remodels are usually costly and time-consuming, bathtub and shower liners are increasingly becoming the easier option for people who do not want to do a bathroom remodel. This is because of the many benefits they come with, for example, cost saving and ease of installation. On the other side, they also come with the disadvantages that some people are ready to overlook. This article gives the pros and cons of bathtub liners so you can decide if they are for you.

Pros of Bathtub Liners

  • They are a Cheaper Option

As we have previously seen, bathroom remodeling involves a lot of money that you could not be having presently. A bathroom remodel involves things like floor, bathtub, or wall replacement, which go up to thousands of dollars. Instead of a bathroom remodel, the installation of a bathtub liner will cost you just a few hundred dollars. This being the case, not having enough money for a bathroom remodel is not a good enough reason to be living with torn walls and floor. You can install a bathtub liner and have your bathtub looking all new again.

bathroom vinyl walls
  • Ease of Installation

Bathtub and shower liners come in large panels that are easy and simple to install. You do not need to have a master’s degree in construction and design to fit one in your bathroom. They come with simple and easy to read instructions that should make your installation a lot easier. Installation of new floor or walls especially ceramic or porcelain tiles on the other hand is quite a job that requires the expertise of professionals and not unless you have such skills, you cannot do a good job yourself. Ease of installing bathtub liners reduces their overall cost, making them a cheaper option, compared to tile and other materials.

  • They Make Bathtub Cleaning Easy

Bathtub liners come in large panels and thus eliminate grout lines, unlike the case with ceramic tiles. This makes cleaning of bathrooms easy and simple. They are made of durable, water, and stain-resistant PVC material that makes them ideal for areas with frequent usage of water like bathrooms. This makes them easy to clean; with just a single wipe using a soft piece of microfiber cloth and soap water.

Cons of Bathtub Liners

  • They Can Collect Water

Despite how good they are installed, bathtub liners are bound to wear and tear at some point in time. The spongy spots ‘’can breathe in’’ air especially at the space where the liner meets the wall. When water collects under the walls, this will cause mold growth as well as wood rotting, hence damaging the structure. Water collected below the liners can also cause a musty smell that is very uncomfortable. This is the reason experts advise the proper installation of the liners.

  • They Cannot Be Installed Just Anywhere

As much as bathroom and shower liners are an easy route to bathroom renovation, they cannot be installed just anywhere. For example, if your bathroom surround is made of acrylic and fiberglass, bathroom liners cannot stick well enough. Freestanding bathtubs do not have walls and can therefore not support liners. In this case, you do not have a choice apart from renovating your bathroom, which is a more expensive option.

  • They May Lower the Resale Value of Your Home

Bathtub and shower liners have seen an increase in popularity as the better option for a bathroom remodel and almost everyone knows it. A prospecting homebuyer will go for a house with a remodeled bathroom over one with bathroom liners. In case they choose one with bathroom liners, they may never meet the asking price because they know the homeowner has not invested much in the house. Research findings by the National Association of Realtors show that you can regain between 75% and 80% of the money you used to remodel the bathroom with other materials when reselling the property. You should, thus go for the alternative without worrying about Returns on Investment.

A bathtub liner has its pros and cons. However, your choice to install one in your house will depend on the redesign you are looking to achieve and your budget. Nevertheless, bathtub liners and introducing a new tub are acceptable answers for supplanting your old bath. At last, the correct tub establishment for your family will rely upon your needs, spending plan, and desires, as there is nothing like a one-size-fits-all bath rebuild.