7 Must Have Bathroom Features for Every Luxurious Bathroom

A luxurious bathroom is not just your ordinary archetypal bathroom. This kind of a bathroom is a place that you can be able to unwind after a long and very tiring day at work or any other daily excursion. With the advent of technology, you can give your bathroom a very modern feel with a spa like experience. It should have various features that make it very distinctive thus ultimately turning it into a sanctuary. A luxurious bathroom is a place where pampering can be done every day. This article looks at seven must have bathroom features for every luxurious bathroom.

1. Radiant Heat Floors

This is the ultimate embodiment of luxury. Walking or treading on warm marble floors gives you the feeling that can only be associated with a very elaborate and lavish bathroom. This avoids the idea of walking on cold bathroom tiles very early in the morning or deep into the night. Radiant heat floors are much more efficient and preferable, as they have a great contrast to the use of forced air to heat up floors. They entail the implementation of electric tubes or just the pumping of heated water through loops of tube with the latter being the most ideal choice.

2. Fireplace

A fireplace is very important, as it ensures you have a place where you can just set up and have a lounge chair as you unwind and enjoy soaking in the tub or sauna. You could also get a massage and relax as you enjoy a cracking fireplace. When planning and mapping out the space in your bathroom, you should ensure that you have a well-dedicated place for a very awesome fireplace that just makes your bathroom much more classy and opulent.

3. Sauna

Also referred to as a steam shower, a sauna is a very valuable addition to a bathroom even in very humid or hot climates. A sauna that is ideal and convenient for around two people will not necessarily occupy a lot of your valuable space hence there will not be any congestion. A sauna might appear to be a very expensive item but it is relatively affordable and the accompanying installation costs are not as high as you would probably think.

4. Mounted and Well Heated Towel Rack

This is very instrumental especially when you are just stepping out from a shower or a deep and long soak. In cold climates, mounted and well-heated towel racks ensure that you are warm whereas in damp climates they aid to keep your towels clean and crisp. The racks come in varying sizes and designs.

5. Open Shower

Open or curbless showers are very classy and elegant and add a lot of value to your home. The use of enclosures, most preferably glass ones ensures that the bathroom is very transparent hence enhancing the openness. You can have unique walk-through showers made using showerheads, body sprays, or jets. These elements ought to be installed at the further end of the bathroom. This ensures that a lot of space is saved as the soak tub is placed at the center thus creating a very good symmetrical design where the walk through shower can be readily accessed from either side of the tub.

6. Soaking Tub

A soaking tub could be either a freestanding tub or just a sunken tub. It epitomizes the true definition of a modern luxurious bathroom. Sometimes you might need something extra than your ordinary open shower. You can prefer a very long soak in a tub with some space duly dedicated for fantastic candles mainly for aromatherapy purposes. Some people also go the long way and opt for an outdoor tub room especially in areas with a great tropical climate. This coupled with some few lush plants should give you a very exotic feel.

7. Built in Television

This is very crucial for people who love to catch up on some news or their favorite television program while they take a shower or soak in their bathroom. It should be well embedded and disguised in the wall as some part of your architectural design thus ensuring that it is not readily manifest even when it is turned off.

The aforementioned clearly indicate all the features that constitute a fancy and luxurious bathroom. You should use these pointers in case you desire to have a new bathroom or if you just want to remodel yours and upgrade it accordingly.