5 Ways to Update the Bathroom to Allow for Proper Aging in Place

With the progression and advancement of age, falls and other difficulties in the bathroom become much more prevalent for older and aging seniors. Water puddles and rugs among other things make the bathroom very accident-prone.

Fortunately, this can be easily remedied by making significant alterations to the bathroom. The bathroom can be updated to become much more senior friendly in various ways. This article looks at how you can update your bathroom to allow for proper aging in place.

  1. Walk in Tubs and Curbless Showers

A walk in tub makes it easy for seniors to get in and out of the tub while bathing. Walk in tubs improve the bathroom in function and style. They are lower to the ground hence entering the bathroom requires very little effort. The most modern ones also include other features such as bars and non-slip floors, making them ideal.

Curbless showers aid seniors who can barely lift their legs without any strain and massive exertion. They help ensure a seamless transition from the wheelchair to the shower in case a wheelchair is being used. Curbless showers are very advisable, as they are very bespoke and customized for seniors.

  1. Replacing the Toilet For Proper Aging in Place

Seniors struggle a lot while using the toilet. They find it hard to sit and lift themselves from the toilet. The reason behind this is that they have diminished lower body strength. Other seniors may also have mobility issues that make the use of the toilets even tougher.

Elevating the height of the toilet even with a few inches is therefore ideal to make the experience easier for the aging seniors. Elevating the height of the old toilet or acquiring a new comfort height toilet that avails the better and much desired height can help ensure an incredible experience for seniors. Toilets nowadays come in many and varying designs and with other essential features like aided flushing, which makes the use of the flushing handle seamless and relatively easier.

  1. Anti-Slip Flooring

Another way to update the bathroom for proper aging in place is to use anti-slip flooring. This entails anti-slip flooring in the bathtub and in the shower as well. Anti-slip coating could also be applied in the old existing floor. Anti-slip tape is also very adhesive and can easily stick onto the old floor. You can also have the whole floor replaced with anti-slip floor tiles. Doing this helps prevent any slipping and falling.

A cheaper alternative to go about all this is to use non-slip bath rugs or mats. They help to reduce falls in the bathroom, as they make floors less slippery. The non-slip rugs placed outside the bathroom also reduce falls and slips once the senior emerges from the shower.

  1. Installing a Hand Held Shower and an Adjustable Showerhead

Using a hand-held shower or an adjustable showerhead makes bathing relatively easy for seniors. It also significantly helps the elderly, as it dispenses the need to stand while bathing. This is ideal for them, as they cannot stand for extended periods. It is very liberating as they only have to sit and shower, providing the added comfort and safer bathing. An adjustable showerhead is great for suiting the height, level, and position that is most comfortable for seniors. The combination of these two options with a shower seat increases the level of safety even further.

  1. Installing Grab Bars

Grab bars are vital as they aid to reduce the impact and severity of any falls, as the user gets in and out of the bathroom. It is important for you to seek the help of a professional who can ideally know the best place to install them to ensure maximum effectiveness. Grab bars are a crucial bathroom addition to ensure proper aging in place. The good thing about them is they are cheap to purchase and install.

A bathroom that allows for proper aging in place is one that is properly updated with different features to ensure the best experience for seniors. Walk-in tubs and curbless showers make it easy for seniors to get in and out of the bathroom, a toilet at the right height helps the user to use the toilet with great convenience, while anti-slip flooring reduce chances of slips and falls. Installing a hand-held shower makes bathing quite easy for seniors, while grab bars ensures the user can move around the bathroom comfortably.