5 Ways to Make Your Roll-In Shower a Luxurious Experience

Everybody deserves to have a good place to take a shower and relax, including those individuals with mobility issues. Mobility challenges should not limit you from having an outstanding-looking bathroom. This is regardless of how large your bathroom is. If you use a wheelchair, it is now easy for you to create a roll-in shower that is not only stylish but also functional. This article looks at five ways you can turn your roll-in shower into a luxurious experience.

  1. Select the Right Shower Base for Your Bathroom

The first thing you need to do when thinking about creating a luxurious roll-in shower is to choose the right shower base for your bathroom. When many homeowners think about roll-in showers, they see an institutional-like fiberglass or acrylic base that is normally seen in a hospital.

However, such a design is not the exact look you need to achieve in your bathroom. The market now has glass reinforced plastic, stone, or tile bases that now offer a zero threshold entry, which has the easy access of a well-designed spa shower. These bases not only make your roll in shower look outstanding, but also sit well on floor joists, can be cut to different shapes and sizes, and support heavy loads. Selecting the right shower base for your bathroom is guaranteed to offer a spa-like experience with the right functionality.

  1. Use Luxurious Wall Surrounds That Require Little Maintenance

Another way to make your roll in shower look stylish is to install wall surrounds that require little to no maintenance. The reason behind this is that when you are building a roll in shower, all you want is safety, and relaxation while using the bathroom.

When you are stuck with maintenance and cleaning work, your experience will be spoilt. This is the reason why you should consider installing wall surrounds that do not need a lot of maintenance work. One such option you should look into is a high-pressure laminate shower panel system. This material is not only stylish, but also eliminates all maintenance hassles.

  1. Install Stylish Accessories

Many homeowners with an accessible bathroom forget to install accessories in the right places. Although accessories are not necessary in a shower, they are crucial necessities for creating a safe and more functional shower. This is especially important for those individuals that use a wheelchair in the shower.

If you have a roll in shower, you can equip it with features such as body dryers, decorative grab bars, fold down seats, and hand-held showers. While making these additions, you should consider items that will boost your comfort in the shower.

  1. Redesign the Shower Heads

The traditional shower set up of having a stationary showerhead that has controls for the temperature can be ridiculous for those individuals on a wheelchair or walker. This feature is not good for people with mobility problems because the showerhead can be too high to reach. When thinking about creating a luxurious shower, you should consider relocating shower controls for easy accessibility, or installing a rain showerhead. You might also want to add a hand-held shower because it can be useful for that person that wants shower while seated.

  1. Choose the Right Glass Enclosure

If you are a conventional homeowner, then you might want to select a good glass enclosure for your roll in shower while still creating enough open space. To achieve this, you can consider using a stationary shower, a curved glass block shower wall, or a pivoting shower screen. These designs will offer a different experience. Therefore, you should work with your contractor to help you decide the right style to go with.

When looking to create a more open feeling, one good option that you will have is to create a wet room. You can create this by waterproofing your bathroom floor and some wall sections to create a more open space.

If you struggle with mobility issues due to either age or illness, having an accessible bathroom goes a long way in promoting your independence and dignity when doing personal cleaning and care. One option that most homeowners go for when thinking about accessibility is a roll in shower. This kind of a shower allows you to use a wheelchair in the bathroom with ease. It therefore boosts the functionality of your shower. Despite this, things do not always have to be boring for you while in the shower. This is the reason why you should consider the aforementioned tips to create a roll in shower that will give you a luxurious experience.